problems with installing printer drivers (xp)

  ©®@$? 18:35 15 Nov 2003

a relative has a hp officejet 700 series and has xp

he has downloaded the xp driver, but didn't follow the correct installation procedure and now has a corrupted install of the software

and add new hardware wizard pops up each time the computer is started, but the software is installed

the above is because he never followed the instructions, and this resulted in a corrupt installation

i have talked to him on the phone, and tried a few things, uninstalling the software from add and remove programs results in an error, cannot uninstall ( this is because of the corrupt installation)

the same error happens if he tries to uninstall it from start/ all programs/hp

he has tried installing it again, through the setup.exe which he should of done in the first place, but it halts by saying previous install detected remove previous install before continuing setup

hence the problem, cannot remove it and install it again

im going there tommorow, and would like some advice on what to try,i would like some help on removing the traces of the corrupt installation so it cannot be installed properly again.

im thinking of deleting the hp folder from the program files (by the way there is no uninstall in that folder)

im thinking there will be some files installed tot he system 32/drivers folder, which ones do i remove

or any help appreciated.

just really need to remove the traces of the corrupt installation and install again

  ©®@$? 18:37 15 Nov 2003

"help on removing the traces of the corrupt installation so it cannot be installed properly again."

ment to say

help on removing the traces of the corrupt installation so it can be installed properly again.

  BackSlash 18:55 15 Nov 2003

Hmmm, did he tell you what he did wrong to corrupt the installation? It's just that I'm downloading the XP drivers for my HP PSC 750, and I don't want to make the same mistake. Sorry I couldn't be of any help.


One idea is simply to find ANY traces of the installation (in Program files etc.) and delete them. Obviously he should back the system up before doing so.

Also, since he's on XP, what about restoring it to the most recent restore point (I think XP creates one before every installation, not sure though)

  critic-al 19:01 15 Nov 2003

Hi. remove all traces of the printer from the registry using the "Find & find next" make sure you back up the registry first. if your using a usb connection,install the software first,if windows detects printer exit,and carry on installing from cd. have new drivers ready,and also go into safe mode and check for any printers in device manager,all traces must be removed.

  ©®@$? 19:04 15 Nov 2003


when you come to istall the printer software, there is a setup.exe and you just use that and follow the instructions, it will install the software, then prompt you to turn your printer on and connect it to the computer, then it will install fine (should)

but he didn't follow the procedure, he installed the software then never had the printer to connect up, and cancelled the installation

then later on he got the printer and plugged it in, and add new hardware wizard came up, and he could not install the drivers, and tried the setup again, and as i have explained above will not the installation is shouldn't have a problem aslong as you havnt got the printer connected up when installin via the setup.exe and then follow instructions, to the point where it tells you to connect and switch on printer, as easy as that

i have thought about the system restore but i don't really wont to use that as it sometimes can cause more problems..

back tot he problem, i have downloaded the driver and re-created the exact problem on my machine just to see if i can sort it out before i go around there..

i have the exact same problem, of cannot remove it the conventional way, and i have tried to delete the program folder but access denied because either it ia in use or write protected..

its the ktchnsnk.exe so i went to task manager and ended the process on ktchnsnk.exe and tried again, but it still access denied, also tried changing that file to read only but it wouldnt allow me..

not to sure where to go from here, i know that hp havnt got an uninstall program for it, so trying to manually do it myself

any suggestions

  ©®@$? 19:07 15 Nov 2003

hi, there is no trace of the printer in device manager

going to fiddle in the registry, but its a bit more tricky on my machine as i have also got a hp printer installed but a 640c deskjet, not to worry tho, i can always install that again

  ©®@$? 19:14 15 Nov 2003

thanks for your advice on the registry, i removed the traces for officejet, and then it allowed me to remove the hp program folder

now when i try the installation again, it allows me to continue with the install

so i will do exactly the same on his machine when i travel down there tommorow and the problem will be solved

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