Problems installing new external CD/CDRW

  [DELETED] 20:06 23 Aug 2003

I'm having problems trying to set up a new Freecom Classic External CD/CDRW drive. Basically the problem is that my PC (running Win XP Pro SP1) can't recognise the drive. I've tried every avenue I can think of, plugging in the USB 1 & 2 ports, hot-plugging, unplugging & replugging power, using every option & sub-option on the 'Add Hardware Wizard', scanned for P&P alterations in Device Manager, rebooted & rebooted. The light on the front of the unit flashes quickly continuously but that's it.

No recognition. CD drawer doesn't respond to being pressed. I've also tried it on my laptop with identical results - or rather no result. All other USB devices work OK. Have tried going via a powered Hub & direct on PC's own USB ports.

I have a feeling it might be a dodgy unit, as I noticed that when you insert either the USB or power cords, the chassis on the inside seems slightly loose or certainly gives way a little. Perhaps this is normal?

Freecom Tech Support only works Mon-Fri(9-5.30). Nothing relevant on their website or FAQ. Nothing AT ALL re troubleshooting of ANY sort in the Manual (ridiculous).

Anybody got any ideas? Seems a bit of a diddy unit anyway. Should probably have spent more (£89 in Dixon's). Grateful for ANY ideas though.

  [DELETED] 20:31 23 Aug 2003

i had the same prob i just downloaded the drivers off there site and it was fine it seems there is alot of peps having probs with them give that a go anyway worth a try

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