Problems installing more ram

  mattshep2002 10:25 03 Apr 2010

I recently purhcased 2 x 1gb of kingston memory which is the exact same ram as i have in my pc. Its a kingston ddr2 667 PC-5300. I have 2 x 1gb sticks in at present but when i installed the other 2 x 1gb sticks the PC loads up but the monitor does not turn on. Each memory stick works as a pair but not when you try with 3gb or 4gb. The serial number is exactly the same so there definitely compatible.
Any suggestions?

  Jollyjohn 16:37 03 Apr 2010

Does your mother board support 4GB of RAM?

Do you get any beeps from the pc as it starts up?

  mattshep2002 16:35 04 Apr 2010

yes motherboard supports up to 4gb ram. Im not getting any beeps when the system turns on. everything else seems to come on just the monitor wont pick up the signal.

  sunnystaines 17:38 04 Apr 2010

did you knock the graphics card, check its well seated also check monitor is firmly plugged in

  VOT Productions 21:40 04 Apr 2010

Try single-channel RAM Setting.

  Jollyjohn 08:23 05 Apr 2010

When your pc starts normally you should get a single beep at the end of POST. If you get no beeps at all the speaker may not be connected.
With no signal to the monitor using the beep codes will usually identify the fault.

  mrmillimetre 09:02 05 Apr 2010

Remove the graphics card and clean the slot (brush and blow) and do the same with the memory slots insert the memory make sure the matched pairs are inserted in the correct slots ie the first pair in the same coloured slots and the second pair in the other colour. then insert the graphics card and all should be well.

  mattshep2002 13:48 05 Apr 2010

right done all that and still the same issue occurs. When i go back to 2gb everything works fine again so i cant see it being an issue with graphics card. Ive tried different combinations of the 1gb sticks and works fine its just when i try and put more than 2gbs on ram the problems occur.

whats single-channel RAM Setting?

  sunnystaines 16:39 05 Apr 2010

looks like the pc is overloaded with RAM, any RAM on the graphics card counts in the total RAM which may push you over the 4gb causing the problem.

do you have onboard graphics you can revert to too test this out?

  ronalddonald 18:14 28 Apr 2010

is the ram your inserting the same make or different, with laptops somtimes the ram makers like crucial can send you the wrong ram by mistake, its happened to me about twice.

  DieSse 02:02 30 Apr 2010

Motherboard make and model number please - so that we can consult the website and manual ourselves.

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