Problems installing Flash Player

  montoya 18:53 11 Nov 2007

Hi, I have read and tried a lot of the solutions in other postings on this problem but cannot get it to install. I have used the Flash Player uninstall program but when I try to re-install either nothing happens or it gets as far as starting to download then I get an error message saying the installation failed, have tried uninstalling then rebooting and still no joy when re-installing. I feel it may be the security settings? Would be grateful for any advice.

  brundle 22:55 12 Nov 2007

If you've removed Flash to get the fresh install to work then it would explain it. ? Can you delete the folder itself? Do the files turn up if you run the standalone installer ? There is a security issue with that folder, sometimes it can't be deleted entirely unless you log in as Administrator and take ownership of it. Delete it, reboot. Try again.

  jjss 07:29 13 Nov 2007

Since posting yesterday and looking at my own downloads on this problem you have to uninstall all previous versions first. Adobe have an uninstaller, click here. Once you have uninstalled, rebooted then install a standalone from click here Then reboot. This is the route I took and it worked first time.

  ianeon 11:48 14 Nov 2007

jjss - Thank you for that, but I had already tried it. I now have flash 8 installed which has solved some of the problems but I still can't install "9" which some sites need

  swiss$tony 19:41 15 Nov 2007

I'm Having a similar problem but looking at jjss's last post I installed a stand alone from his link and works just fine without uninstalling any previous version

  montoya 15:00 17 Nov 2007

Here's the latest twist to my problem, downloaded the flash uninstaller, used it, rebooted, downloaded the flash installer from filehippo, ran it, error message to say the version you are trying to run is not the latest go to adobe for the latest, go to adobe, start download, error message Flash player installation cancelled or failed!!

  ianeon 15:27 17 Nov 2007

Montoya - I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem - I now have EXACTLY the same symtoms as you

  mfletch 16:43 17 Nov 2007

Hi montoya and ianeon,

I also have the same problem and have tried everything to download it {not succeeded}

I have turned off the firewall
Turned off my Antivirus
And turned off all my antispyware

I use Firefox now to view flash

I think they're maybe a problem at there end and it may pay to wait to see if they fix it?


  brundle 16:59 17 Nov 2007

Go into safe mode, try to delete the Flash folder I mentioned in my earlier post - if you get `access denied` you need to `Take Ownership` of the folder (click here) and then delete it.That would explain why nothing will shift the files already there. Reboot and try installing from the stand-alone installer again.
XP Home users must use safe mode to access the security tab, XP Pro users can access it anyway but booting in safe mode helps to prevent Windows loading any elements of Flash software.

  montoya 08:40 24 Nov 2007

Brundle, did as you suggested, used flash uninstaller and rebooted in safe mode, however, there is no Flash folder there. Rebooted, tried stand alone installation of Flash 9 - same old message - the version you are trying to install is not the most up to date etc, etc.

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