problems installing broadband

  palinka 15:29 20 Sep 2005

Friend of mine is installing FreeOn-line Broadband. He has filters everywhere, inc on his satellite TV line and is having problems with his phone line - calls "drop" (as with a mobile if you go out of range), and sometimes cut off altogether, and outgoing calls are very crackly. Ingoing calls are no problem. Any advice , please?

  wobblymike 15:34 20 Sep 2005

Should normally only need 2 filters - 1 at point where telephone line connects to modem for broadband and 1 at point where telephone handset connects to wall or extension lead.

  palinka 15:59 20 Sep 2005

that's intersting, because everything I've read suggests you need one on each extension, etc. So in my house where there are 2 phones - one on an extension - and a second extension goes to the computer, I have filter where the line comes into the house; one on the extension phone and a third on the computer extension.

  Jackcoms 16:06 20 Sep 2005

You DO need a microfilter on every phone socket that has something connected to it - and that includes faxes and Sky boxes.

If you are still getting crackly lines you may have a faulty filter. You might have to do a bit of trial and error with various different filters.

If you are getting dropped calls and are using a wireless phone that may be because some wireless handsets do not like the high frequency BB signals which can interfere with the 'phone.

  Jackcoms 16:11 20 Sep 2005

Have a look at this click here

  palinka 16:24 20 Sep 2005

thanks Jackcoms.
No, his phones are not cordless. I've suggested the trial and error swapping round of filters; meanwhile one of his phones now isn't working at all. Thanks for the link; looks very helpful. I'll print out the info and pass it on.

  palinka 16:41 20 Sep 2005

Actually, on closer look, I don't think it's going to help him much; tho it's a very useful site re installing BB. Wish I'd seen it when I installed mine.

  palinka 12:32 26 Sep 2005

At long last he has succeeded. Though I'm not sure that all his telephones are connected; those that are in use are now OK. and the freeonline helpline talked him through the set up so that he is now online again.
Thanks everyone.

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