Problems with an image

  Hoseman 13:16 28 Jul 2004

Ive got a jpeg that was created for me and I am trying to reduce the size using a freeware program called XnView. The only problem is that every time I try I just get a totally black image. Has anyone come across this problem before or has any suggestions as to get around this issue?

  Forum Editor 18:46 28 Jul 2004

you're using, but I suspect it may be the culprit. I assume you can see the image perfectly well before you reduce it?

Is it the physical size you're trying to reduce, or the file size of the original (increasing the compression)?

  bally1021 21:38 28 Jul 2004

But for a wicked free or shareware program for use with web design,,,, go for Paint Shop Pro!!!!!
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  Taran 23:56 28 Jul 2004

IrfanView is free and very capable in the right hands click here

If you get a similar result with that then I'd suggest your graphics chip or its driver is possibly at fault. You can verify this by trying your black image on another PC. If it is still a black image it is the graphics program at fault. Since the issue only seems to occur when using the XnView program though, I'd agree with Forum Editor that it is likely to be the culprit.

Try IrfanView or better yet, the last (August) issue of PC Advisor magazine has a copy of Ulead PhotoImpact 6 on the covermount CD. Ulead PhotoImpact is a real gem and version 6, although a few version old, is nothing to be sniffed at.

  Forum Editor 00:54 29 Jul 2004

in the software and then convert/save it as a Gif. You'll still have the origional Jpeg so don't worry.

Now open the Gif and fiddle with the file size - does that result in a black image?

  Hoseman 08:26 29 Jul 2004

I was thinking the same thing in terms of converting it to gif and then reducing it. Ill give it a go later today and see what happens.

Taran, I tried with it Irfanview originally but its a quite a big file and it didnt allow me to do it. I got a message saying that I needed to register/buy the deluxe version in order to carry out this process.

Thanks to all. :)

  Patr100 23:07 30 Jul 2004

Maybe try Photo resizer - free from :
click here

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