Problems with HALO

  smy13 20:30 05 Mar 2005

My son has just bought HALO and tried to run it on my Pc but it keeps freezing. From what I can gather my system should run it, not fantastically but well enough
1 GB of ram
120 GB HDD
2.5 GHz Pentium 4
3D AGP ATI radeon 9100 integrated graphics card.
He’s had no problem running LOTR middle earth, any advice would be welcome. I've also got McAfee Security suite 7 on board and I've heard that there have been a few compatibility issues between this and my graphics card

  killernofiller101 20:39 05 Mar 2005

I think it is the ATi Radeon 9100 graphics. Because it is integrated, it cannot run probably. The only way is to purchase a new graphics card. Prices will vary between £100- ????. I experienced the same problem and after i purchased a new graphics card, it runs as smooth as silk.

This is my response. You can see other peoples reply just in case.

There could also be a patch to repair that but i doubt it.

  grey george 20:42 05 Mar 2005

If your pc is not presently online can you TEMPORARILY disable the Mcfree and see if the programme runs ok. Do remember to reactivate your protection before you use the pc again. This will rule out any conflicts before you go down the new card route.

  smy13 21:26 05 Mar 2005

Tried running with McAffe off but still had the same issues also tried uninstalling the graphics cards and reinstalling but still have the problem, looks like a new graphics card then (might have been cheaper to by him an Xbox!!)

  Jaro 23:19 05 Mar 2005


did you try new drivers?

i had prob with playing game but after i instaled new drivers for my grafic card the game was runing ok.

  Jaro 23:25 05 Mar 2005

me again,

if you decided to upgrade your grafic card drivers you can download them here click here
dont forget create restore point before upgrading.

  Matt C 23:32 05 Mar 2005

I had problems reloading Halo having installed the SP2 update from microsoft. I completely re-intsalled XP but still can't load the game.

  gudgulf 12:00 06 Mar 2005

There are known issues with Halo if you are running Windows XP with SP2 installed.There are patches available.

click here

and click here

I needed to use the Bink32.dll fix to get Halo to run with SP2 (download the new file to the Halo directory and replace the existing file with it).

Other than that you might find your onboard graphics really struggles......Halo is known to be a real tester for your graphics card!

  Cybermaxx 12:24 06 Mar 2005

I don't know about Service Pack 2, but that integrated 9100 is never going to run Halo very well. You really need a good (MINIMUM 9600 Pro/5700) gpu to play it properly.

For an idea of how well the 9100 IGP performs (no Halo test though) have a glance through these benchmarks

click here

Notice that those benchmarks were done using a Pentium 4 3GHz CPU with 1GB of RAM.

  smy13 21:06 06 Mar 2005

Downloaded new drivers and patches at least this as got it up and running and solved a few more graphics based problems I've been having, My son tell s me it's running fine “with a bit of lag in graphics intense scenarios”, Just looks a bit slow to me !!!
So the next step will be to up grade the graphics card as well
Thanks for all the good advice and links

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