Problems with GFX Card

  Kerotan 11:29 19 Nov 2005

I got a new gfx card and iam having trouble with it.
Ive put it in my computer and booted it up but nothing is happening on the monitor,
I think the problem is because in the bios it's set to AGP and the GFX card i jus got is a PCI-E, and now cause i cant see anything on my screen i cant change it >.
Any surgestions?

  PaulB2005 11:37 19 Nov 2005

Does your Motherbaord support PCI-E?

What slot did you put it in?

What where you using before (onboard, AGP, PCI)?

  Kerotan 11:48 19 Nov 2005

Yes the Motherboard does support PCI-E it has a mini shiny almost invisable label i missed when i bought a AGP :P
I put it in the slot which fit's a PCI-E gfx card of course.
Before... well basicly i bought a new mother board and stuff so i jus switched the harddrive, i was using agp then and the the new motherboard only supports PCI-E so its a problem >.<

  alan227 12:21 19 Nov 2005

Could you just clarify one point.
Are you saying you tried to fit an AGP card in a PCI-E slot, and have you now got a PCI-E graphics card.?.

  Kerotan 12:30 19 Nov 2005

Yes, but i cant get any image on my monitor because i think it's set to AGP because before i got my new motherboard i was using a AGP card

  Kerotan 12:32 19 Nov 2005

Basicly all i need to know how is is it possible to get into my bios anyway? since i cant see anything on my monitor i cant change any settings >.<

  gudgulf 13:03 19 Nov 2005

For a stert the BIOS is on the if you have a PCI-e motherboard the BIOS will be set to that.It cannot be set to AGP because it doesn,t support it.

If you are getting no signal to the monitor then either the monitor is not connected properly,the graphics card is not inserted properly(or if you have tried to force an AGP card into a PCI-e slot the slot might be damaged) or there is some other problem on the new motherboard.

Check the RAM is properly inserted....disconnect all hard drives/cd/dvd drives and the floppy disc.They don't need to be connected to get into the BIOS.

Check all the connections from the power supply to the new all the fans spin?....And chck and double check that the power on connectors from the case switch are connected properly.

Is it possible that there is an electrical short from the motherboard to the case?

I take it you have not had any signal to the monitor from the moment you cahanged the motherboard?

  Kerotan 13:37 19 Nov 2005

Iam pretty sure everything is connected because when eva you unplug the monitor from the gfx card it comes up on the monitor with a message saying to check it..
All the fans are moving (Even the one on the GFX Card, so its plugged in right)
I did not "force" the AGP gfx card in, i tried to put it in and it did not fit (Meaning i didnt start whacking it it :P)
Everything is plugged in correctly.

  gudgulf 13:47 19 Nov 2005

I wasn't implying you did force was just a possibility.Replacing the motherboard is a full rebuild plus the new components so all manner of things could be wrong.

If you are sure everything else is working then the graphics card is probably you have access to another pc which you can try the card in?

Or alternatively a different card you can try in your rebuilt pc? (I keep an old pci graphics card for just such a circumstance)

  Kerotan 14:40 19 Nov 2005

Nope i have no other PCI-E card or another computer to try it on =[

  Kerotan 20:27 19 Nov 2005

Anyone got any other surgestions to get this fixed?

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