Problems getting Windows 7 onto new build PC via USB

  HaplessBumbler 21:23 11 Dec 2014

Hi, my son recently built his own reasonably high-spec gaming PC - a great effort for a novice, but we're having a bit of trouble getting an operating system on to it! I thought this would be simpler than it is proving. To get him started, I downloaded a copy of Windows7 from Viglen [email protected] via my iMac, onto a USB.

Tried various BIOS/Boot setups on the PC, but it won't recognise the files on the USB (though it does recognise the USB - if that makes sense). The files on the USB are the Windows7 .IMG plus a download manager file. Not sure what i should be doing, been looking around for a while and one forum suggested changing the .IMG to .ISO - that didn't seem to make any difference. Should i have formatted the USB first - even though it has already been used?

Any help advice to get this or any OS on to a new build PC (before Christmas morning!!) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  Jollyjohn 11:35 12 Dec 2014

You need a specific tool to make the USB bootable. see here - click here

I presume you have an unused licence key ready for use, the one from existing PC may not work as it "is already in use" when you try to activate.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:34 12 Dec 2014

"The files on the USB are the Windows7 .IMG ........... Not sure what i should be doing...."

.img files are disk images - simply copying them to a USB stick will never work. Here's how to burn.img file to a blank DVD in Windows 7 and 8. When you've created the installation disk, boot the PC with it and hopefully it'll be plain sailing from there on.

  HaplessBumbler 22:15 12 Dec 2014

Many thanks to JollyJohn and Secret-Squirrel for taking the time to reply - you have both been very helpful. Will attempt installation over the weekend. Just one thing though. I only have an iMac with no DVD RW drive, and no access to a windows PC. Can I do as you suggest but to another appropriatley formatted USB stick? Thanks.

  [DELETED] 23:12 12 Dec 2014

There's a utility (Unetbootin) for Windows or Mac OS X that 'burns' an iso image to make bootable USBs.

Get the correct iso W7 Home or whatever, 32 or 64bit, English (USA) from

click here

Unetbootin from

click here

Install on Mac and run. Just select location for the iso and the USB NTFS formatted drive.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:41 13 Dec 2014

"Can I do as you suggest but to another appropriatley formatted USB stick?"

If you're determined to persevere with the .IMG you downloaded then have a look here. You may find it a tad complicated and fiddly though. I'm not a Mac user so I can't confirm whether it will work.

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