Problems getting started with Heartinternet

  playmofire 22:02 14 Jun 2008

I have just got a free website package from Heartinternet and find their instructions bear little or no resemblance to what happens. For example, they claim that When you connect to your account you will find a number of directories. Your website and any other files, such as graphics, need to be placed inside the "public_html" directory". I've connected to my account and there is only a folder marked File Manager.

Has anyone had similar problems with this company, please?

  Forum Editor 00:17 15 Jun 2008

for several years now, and in my experience they are the best web-hosting company I've ever encountered, and I've encountered quite a few in my time.

I must confess that I didn't know they offered free hosting packages, but anyway....

If you login to your control panel and click on File manager you'll go straight into the public_html folder, and you'll see that HeartInternet have placed an index.html file there.

The index file is a generic home page that is put there by Heart Internet, and you should be replace it with your own homepage when you've designed one. When you upload your website all the files should go into this folder, although you can create sub-directories for images, etc. Just make sure that your index file goes into the folder's root - don't put it into a sub-folder.

  playmofire 03:43 15 Jun 2008

Nothing like that happens. 1. I go to click here and login and come to the Heart Internet Members Area and a welcome page with a panel of icons one of which is Manage Web Hosting. 2. If I click on that I come to a page Manage Web Hosting and I select my domain name/package and click on Access eXtend, I come to the eXtend Control Panel and if I then 3. click on File Manager it is completely empty!

  Taff™ 10:39 15 Jun 2008

click here Hello FE! Dual Postings are not recommended playmofire and so we`ll continue with this one which is where it should be in this forum. FE will probably lock the other one in helproom. Please post future responses here where the webdesign experts are.

  Forum Editor 10:45 15 Jun 2008

you do have a registered domain name associated with this account, don't you?

  playmofire 11:29 15 Jun 2008

Apologies for the dual posting. I used the usual forum I use/read as I didn't know about the specialist we design one.

Yes, I do have a domain name associated with the site which I registered through Heart and I can find the index.html Heart created from it on the web.

  Forum Editor 11:32 15 Jun 2008

then it's there, in the public_html folder. It's created automatically, and wouldn't be visible on the web if there was any problem.

This is sounding more and more as if you aren't looking in the right place, because all File managers have the folder with an index file inside.

  playmofire 11:52 15 Jun 2008

I'm carrying out the steps below:

1. Logging in at click here

which lets me

2. access the Heart Internet Members Area which contains a menu of icons and welcomes me by name. I then

3. click on the Manage Web Hosting icon, which takes me to

4. the Manage Web Hosting page where I click on Access eXtend which takes me to

5. the Web Hosting Upgrade Wizard page where I ignore the offer to upgrade to a paid for service and

6. click on the "No thanks - just log me in eXtend!" button which takes me to

7. the eXtend Control Panel where under Files there are two folders File Manager and Backup/Restore and

8. when I click on File Manager it's empty, there is no public_html folder but options to create new directories, new files or upload files. It will not allow me to create a directory called public_html, but it will allow me to create files (I have just tried this) but an attempt to upload files gives the message "Internal server error, please contact Administrator!"

  Taff™ 12:06 15 Jun 2008

Which package have you bought from Heart?

  Forum Editor 12:17 15 Jun 2008

because you're already in it - or at least you are when you login to a paid hosting account. I have no knowledge of, or experience with free accounts.

There must be an index file, because you can see it on the Internet.

  Taff™ 12:19 15 Jun 2008

When you first log in to the member centre can you see a "Domains By Server" icon under reports? If so click it and tell us which current web server your domain is on.

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