Problems getting into BIOS.

  bennyhillslovechild 03:29 04 Mar 2007

Hmmm...Having just spent a good few minutes writing this problem out once, only for it to disappear on me, I must have either pressed the wrong button or posted it in a completely bizarre place - so if it turns up at the bottom of someone's thread, or in Consumerwatch or some such, I apologise - don't blame me, blame the rather nice bottles of red I consumed this evening.

Now I can't really be bothered to retype my magnum opus of a question just now, which is a shame - it was magnificent. You would have laughed, you would have cried, you would have felt empathy for the protagonist in a way that made you question your own humanity, morality and awareness - but I digress.

This is the scene: Brand new PC. BHLC very happy . BHLC decides he wants to overclock a bit and change boot up sequence. BHLC presses f2 for BIOS as instructed on the POST screen. Nothing. Nada. Zip. He tries again and WAIT! Oh...nothing. It seems that this spanking new PC with its shiny new motherboard doesn't like USB keyboards. "I know" thinks he, "I've got some spare keyboards in the second bedroom, (currently being used as a store room to stop the missus getting any ideas of using that space as a nursery)". Indeed there were spares, in fact there were four! Much rejoicing was had by all, until the discovery that they were all USB too. "God hates me" thought BHLC as he sobbed like a girl.
The motherboard is a ASrock ConRoe X-Fire E-Sata 2 (someone there really likes erroneous capitals!) My keyboard is a Microsoft Keyboard with fingerprint reader, which I actually use a lot, and while I could borrow a mate’s PS/2 keyboard, it’s not exactly practical and I believe that using a USB/PS2 converter would stop the functionality of my hot-key/fingerprint reader – which is useful for logging onto windows/websites. Any ideas? Suggestions? Thinly veiled threats?

Apologies for length (I don’t get to say THAT very often!)

A slightly drunken BHLC.

  terryf 06:48 04 Mar 2007

click here for £4.99, this will let you do what you want and you can save on tissues to wipe your eyes and booze to drown your sorrows

  bennyhillslovechild 07:05 04 Mar 2007

Hahaha, thanks for that terryf, I was hoping to find a way to get my keyboard to work with the BIOS though. I can borrow a mate's ps2 keyboard no probs, but this keyboard works perfectly under Windows, it just doesn't want to play before windows starts. I often go into my BIOS to fiddle around, check temps and so on, and the thought of another keyboard cluttering up my desk (where would I keep my empty fag packets and beer cans?) or having to be plugged in every time I want to enter the BIOS or start in safe mode etc sends a shudder down my spine. I appreciate the gesture though, a £5 expenditure is certainly an agreeable option if nothing else prevails!

  €dstowe 07:21 04 Mar 2007

Most of the USB keyboards I've had were supplied with a USB->PS2 converter.

In the sober light of today, are you sure you don't have one of these hidden somewhere? They are usually green in colour with a USB socket on one end and a PS2 plug on the other

  bennyhillslovechild 07:41 04 Mar 2007

Nope, not got a converter - I have just about everything but...and as I said in my post, wouldn't using one of those stop the functionality of the hotkeys and fingerprint reader?

  €dstowe 08:51 04 Mar 2007

I'm not familiar with that model of motherboard but many nowadays have a built-in USB capability within the BIOS (not relying on Windows for this)and it may not be activated by default. If you could get that going by the TEMPORARY use of a PS2 keyboard it would get over your problem.

  bennyhillslovechild 09:11 04 Mar 2007

Thanks for that €dstowe (blimey, how long did it take me then to work out how to type a Euro sign..!) I actually thought of that, and so went and borrowed my mate's keyboard. He was not impressed at being woken up at 8am on a Sunday I can tell you. The velocity at which the keyboard came out of his bedroom window to bounce delicately off my head is a testament to that fact. Upon returning home and mopping up the blood trickling from my forehead, I used that keyboard and got into the bios, and enabled the legacy USB option, saved my changes and exited, glowing with joy that I had cracked it. I restarted my PC, pressed repeatedly on the F2 key with my fat little finger, grinning inanely and muttering 'BHLC, you genius you!' and watched as my pc completely failed to go into the BIOS, sailing through the post screen and launching windows. SO no joy there then. Looks like I shall either have to lose the USB keyboard or face the burden of having to pull my PC out from under the desk, fighting the spaghetti of cables and plugging in another keyboard each time I want to go into the bios settings. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  terryf 10:08 04 Mar 2007

Do as I do and keep the PS2 keyboard permanently plugged in as well as my usb wireless kb but the ps2 one is under the desk , sitting there quietly until required. It works with both KBs and is super when(if) I need to go to safe mode or get into bios. This would also reduce outlay on bandages and ire from mates (and their co-habitants, if any). Mind you, they do say that little bleeders are wonderful people and perhaps keyboards are better than leeches?

  bennyhillslovechild 10:12 04 Mar 2007

That's an option I guess terryf, but my desk and underside is already somewhat cramped, what with this USB keyboard which is a beast of a size, plus graphics tablet, second pc, router, phone, lamp, overflowing ashtray etc. Not to mention the three full 6 gang sockets under my desk that keep my feet toasty. I may just have to get one and just face the hassle of plugging and unplugging each time. I just can't work out why it won't work with the legacy USB option enabled.

  terryf 10:15 04 Mar 2007

Get a bigger desk?? but I agree the problem can be frustrating, don't know the answer, maybe someone will come up with sumfin.

  bennyhillslovechild 10:21 04 Mar 2007

Ahh - but to get a bigger desk would mean I've have to move my computers out of the lounge, and as I spend about 14 hours a day sat in front of them, I'd never see the missus.....(actually you may be onto something there...hmmm) :)

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