Problems to get repeater to work

  Marianne Rugard Jarvstrat 22:06 25 Nov 2016

We have a BTHub5 and the internet connection works well. We were recommended to use a repeater to get the signal to the other end of the house. We did the WPS to a wired line and we can get access to the internet via the Hub. We can also find the Wifi repeater when searching for WIFI signals, but cannot connect to the internet. When I try and log into click here it says the page is not loading. Can anybody help me with what I need to do? The instructions said it was plug and play, but there is very little play at the moment. Thank you in advance

  difarn 15:43 26 Nov 2016

Just a thought, have you tried changing the wifi channel? Your router is dual band. Have you set up your router to show the two different bands? Some devices have a better wifi signal on a specific band setting. This article may help. This is certainly true with my own Brightbox router.

click here came across a similar situation on the BT community forum where the advice was to switch off Smart Set Up and Smart Wireless.

click here you thought about asking BT for their latest router?

I Have

  Marianne Rugard Jarvstrat 18:54 26 Nov 2016

We have a business hub, so not sure if that is the reason it does not work. I tried to switch off the smart hub but that did not work :( I asked BT if the Smart Hub (Hub6) would be better than the 5 that we have and they suggested that the range was no better. Not sure if you agree? Thank you again for your reply.

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