Problems With GeForce4 MX440 With Windows Xp

  Mat2 15:10 26 Apr 2003

Hi Folks,

Can anybody help me with a problem I seam to be having with my graphics card and Windows XP (home edition). Every so often without no worning Xp throws up a blue screen saying it has found a problem with the following file nv4_disp.dll, also with some error codes with relate to the service pack one with i have installed already, also i have installed the latest drivers from Nvidia but the problem still persists. My computers spec is: Amd Athlon 1800+ xp, Jetway V266b Motherboard, 748 Mb mem, 40 & 20 Gb hard drives, Saoundblaster Audiogy Sound card, and usually cd roms. I would appriciate any help to try and solve this problem.

  AndySD 16:28 26 Apr 2003

And your power suply unit is 350 W or greater?

  jediknight007 16:33 26 Apr 2003

Tried installing DIrect X again?

  Mat2 16:41 26 Apr 2003

Hi AndySd & jediknight007

My power supply is a 500W unit, I will try what you are suggesting. I'll let you know if this corrects the problem. Thanks to you both

  AndySD 16:52 26 Apr 2003

It may well be worth updating the Motherboard drivers click here the Hyperion.

  Mat2 19:12 26 Apr 2003

Hi Folks,

I have tried your suggestions with with reinstalling the DirectX and also the new Via drivers, but the problem still persists. Thanks for the suggestions anyway.

  jediknight007 19:16 26 Apr 2003

Try reinstalling Windows XP again. It could be a missing Windows file. You won't lose anything though so you might as well give it a try. I had a similar problem once and I think it was a Windows XP reinstallation which fixed it.

  Mat2 14:03 27 Apr 2003

Hi Jediknight007

I tried what you suggested but the problems was still there. I have now changed my graphics card and the problem seams to have stopped the only conclusion which i can come to is that the Geforce card must the faulty.

Also thanks for all your help with suggestions on this matter.


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