Problems found in system registry

  JINXED02 13:15 14 Apr 2003

Poll w/ Interrupt: Yes
Registry: Errors found:
Key 'HKCR\CLSID\{92187326-72B4-11d0-A1AC-0000F8026977}\ProgID' is missing.

DirectX diagnostics reported the Prog ID key was missing from under the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key, and from a different location—the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key. In fact, both reports are correct. The HKCR key simply displays data actually written into a subsection of the HKLM key, and therefore the effect of writing or removing data at either location is mirrored at the other, this I understand, but here's the crunch what is the progid key and how do I go about replacing it, I've tried uninstalling directx,rebooting and reinstalling from the cabs file on the windows 98 setup disk and still the error remains constant in my registry.

(Default) "Game Controllers CPL Shell Extension Default Property Sheets"

ab (Default) "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\gchand.dll"

ab (Default) "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\gcdef.dll"
ab ThreadingModel "Apartment"

If there is a subkey what is it..?, I think that this extension refers to the joystick, although I do not have one installed. I would be really greatful for some help in the right direction as I am having game issues.

  spikeychris 13:35 14 Apr 2003

Have you tried any of the scanreg tools? scanreg restore will give you the option of restoring a good registry. You will have the choice of a few.

Ways of restoring the W98 registry include:

On the Start Menu, select Shut Down and Restart in MSDOS Mode. At the
Windows prompt, type: scanreg /restore and hit enter.

Boot to the boot menu by holding down either the ctrl or F8 key after
the ram count occurs on the boot screen. Select Command Prompt Only and
at the C: prompt, type: scanreg /restore and hit enter.

Boot with the W98 start up floppy disk--CDROM support doesn't matter.

At the A: prompt, type: C: and hit enter. At the C: prompt, type:

CD Windows\Command and hit enter. At the Command prompt, type:

scanreg /restore and hit enter.

Once the registry restore screen appears, select the date of the
registry that you wish to restore by highlighting it and then click

If you see a registry named:, that is a copy of the
registry that has already been replaced.

Theres also scanreg /fix


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