alt 18:53 25 May 2004

Hi, I have just formatted my computers hard drive. I made a start up floppy first, (I am running win 98se). I then put the start up floppy in the drive and re-booted, I typed in "format C" at the prompt and everything seems to have gone smoothly. However now it has finished formatting (I assume) I have A:\> with a flashing line underneath, (I assume this is another prompt). What do I type in to finish.....Thanks in advance......Val

  Legolas 18:58 25 May 2004

When you are taken back to the A: prompt it means you have finished formatting and you can now put on your chosen OS. Reboot and continue to reinstall your OS.

  Smegs 18:59 25 May 2004

Did you put the CDdrivers on? If so, type D:\. At the prompt, type setup.exe. It should look like this D:\SETUP.EXE. Press enter.

  ThePharcyde007 19:06 25 May 2004

Or with a 98se startup disc, it should have CD drivers on it to re-install Win 98.

  JayDay 19:23 25 May 2004

That's all you get with DOS no fancy dialog boxes telling you you were successful

  bremner 19:23 25 May 2004

All you need to do is ensure that in your BIOS CD drive is in the Boot sequence.

Put the CD in the drive, take out the floppy and boot the machine.

  alt 19:32 25 May 2004

Hi Thanks for all your answers, but when I type in the command D:\setup.exe it tells me that it is the wrong command. I know nothing about comps by the way so please be gentle with me:-), I have turned off the comp. and re-booted several times but it just goes through the same old set up, (black screen, white letters) It does say that the drivers are installed, but as I say it stops at the end and gives me the promptA:\> ....

  bremner 19:33 25 May 2004

You should try E:\setup becuase if you have a boot disk that enables CD Rom support it creates a virtual D drive and the CD Rom is E

  Smegs 19:35 25 May 2004

You need to put the cd drivers on. Get a boot disk from here click here

  the kopite 19:42 25 May 2004

Val when you formated you should have typed format C: /s as this puts your startup files on then put your win98 cd in and chose boot with cd rom support then at the A prompt type startup windows 98 and it should be fine but if you at the A prompt type SYS c: that should work as a system transfered will come up

  cream. 19:46 25 May 2004

Do as bremner suggests.

to get there,

At the a:\ first type sys c: after it so it looks

a:\ sys c:

It should then say system transfered and take you to a:\ again.

Now type e: after it so it looks

a:\ e:

and press enter

you should now have e:
have your windows disk in the cdrom drive.

To check that it is the right drive letter type dir after it, so it looks

e:\ dir and enter

You should now have a list that includes the win98 files and be back at e:
now type setup after it

e:\ setup and enter

if this does not work type win98\setup after it.

e:\ win98\setup and enter.

This should get windows started.

If there is nothing in e:\ dir post back.

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