Problems with formatting an external drive

  Ambasedor 14:13 30 Jul 2013

I bought a 3TB external drive to archive programs from a Humax Freesat box. When plugged in it asked for the drive to be formatted into fat 16 or fat 32. I tried this but was unable to reformat even with some downloaded software. I now have a second problem in that although the External drive is now back as NTFS the size of the drive has dropped from 3TB to 255GB !!! I first need to restore the size and any suggestions on reformatting. Thanks

  Press Man 15:44 30 Jul 2013

Download this click here download the ISO image and burn to a cd. Make sure that you choose the correct drive for formatting/erasing, this will make the drive "as new".

  lotvic 16:55 30 Jul 2013

I don't advise using Killdisk, bit extreme, and some people have had problems with drives after using it. Anyway it's not as if there is any data (films and documents) on the drive.

I use the Free EaseUS ALL-IN-ONE Partition Manager Software, download the free version from this page click here

Help videos/tutorials on click here

Humax uses FAT32 and Ext3. Remember that FAT32 has a file size limit of 4GB so if a film is bigger than that you will not be able to transfer it to a FAT32 formatted Harddrive. No limit on file size for Ext3.

You have not said what Op Sys you have on your pc. If it is XP then it won't see Ext3 (unless you download some software from Internet)

  lotvic 17:01 30 Jul 2013

Oops not quite finished, posted too early :)

I meant XP Windows Explorer will not be able to see Ext3. That doesn't affect using Free EaseUS ALL-IN-ONE Partition Manager Software to delete the partition and make new one and then format to Ext3.

Please say what Op Sys you are using.

  Ambasedor 19:12 30 Jul 2013

Hi lotvic. I am using XP Pro. My Pc would only format into NTFS and exFat. I did not have an option to format anything else. Neither Fat 16 or 32 or EXT3 were there.I formatted it with Vista from my laptop but it then ended up going from 3TB to 255 GB

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:22 30 Jul 2013

Didn't realise you had two threads running

click here it into linux using the Humax and pop over to the Humax form using the link I posted in your other thread, it will give you all the info you need to sort out your Foxsat


  lotvic 19:38 30 Jul 2013

Windows does have partition size limits but no point in playing about to fix that.

I suggest you watch the Help videos/tutorials that I posted a link to in my previous thread. You do not need to alter the partition you have made, just delete it so hard drive is all unallocated and start again.

Have you decided yet if you want all the harddrive to be FAT32 or EXT3 or are you going to have partitions, maybe one FAT32 and one EXT3 ?

Which Humax Freesat PVR do you have? mine doesn't handle NTFS.

  lotvic 19:41 30 Jul 2013

Note: my Humax Freesat PVR cannot format an external harddrive (only its own internal one)

  Ambasedor 10:25 31 Jul 2013

Sorry started 2 threads by mistake. My Freesat is labeled Foxsat/GB it will not format for me either and the message that comes up says format the external hard drive into EXT3 or Fat16/32 on your PC first. Will go for EXT3 on your info but first need to get back from 255GB to the 3TB it should be. Will use EaseUS to get the size back then i will need to find a way to format it into EXT3 as neither option is on my PC or laptop.

  Press Man 15:02 31 Jul 2013

I think the EaseUs software gives the option to format to EXT3?

  lotvic 17:24 31 Jul 2013

"Will use EaseUS to get the size back then i will need to find a way to format it into EXT3 as neither option is on my PC or laptop."

Obviously you have not bothered to look at the Help videos/tutorials that I gave links to.

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