Problems with floppy drive

  westway 14:53 23 Jan 2003
  westway 14:53 23 Jan 2003

My floppy drive has recently started to 'act-up'. If I copy files from my hard drive to drive A, I have no problem. However if I copy files from another computer and put them into my A drive for some reason these files are deleted and the files that were previously copied are written onto the disk.

Any ideas?

  Diemmess 15:45 23 Jan 2003

My guess is that the head tracking is not accurate any more. Replace the A: drive asap.

If I am right then please transfer any vital data on your floppies back to your HD before you replace it......because if I am right the new drive will not read the old floppies - just like another computer.

Once this problem is over, you should be able to format and use your old floppys again for fresh files copied on to them.

I could have it quite wrong - but my first computer a Tandy had a single sided 8" truly floppy drive. Everything, data, o/s and program had to go on the floppy! ........ Tandys recommended that "an engineer should re-align the seek head on the drive at least yearly to avoid unreadable disks.

  westway 15:56 23 Jan 2003

Thanks for the lead. The computer is only a few weeks old so I get in touch with the supplier and see what they say.

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