Problems finding modem driver: PCI Simple.

  jameswalpole 01:55 18 Dec 2003

Hi all,

Just upgraded a Time PC to Win XP, modem was working correctly before but following the upgrade the modem hasn't been asigned a driver, looking in device manager its listed as:

PCI Simple communications device.

looked everywhere online, can't find anything.

Anyone else had this problem ????

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 02:08 18 Dec 2003

If you have an install cd try looking on there for the xp driver.


  Terrahawk 08:55 18 Dec 2003

if you have not got the driver cd with xp drivers you will need to determine what modem you have then download xp drivers from the manufacturers website

  Stuartli 09:10 18 Dec 2003

If you go into Start>Programs>Accessories>SystemTools and then System Information you should find details of what type of modem you have.

You can install a basic modem driver from here:

click here

and then update it from click here or the manufacturer's website (you will need to download it to a floppy or memory card and then onto the other computer).

Have a look also at:

click here


click here

  jameswalpole 11:50 18 Dec 2003

Thanks for the reply's but the whole point of my problem is that there is no driver CD and when you look at the system information it lists the Modem as a PCI Simple communications device, there appears to be no manufacturers website, and the only reference on the net are messages similar to this from people with the same problem.

It seems the PCI Simple is just a generic modem name.

  Ben Avery 11:57 18 Dec 2003

It would appear that you are nowhere near the first person to come across this problem. One wonders if a new modem (usually around about £10) would be the easiest option?

That is if you get nowhere with Stuartli's liks anyway.


  plsndrs3 12:02 18 Dec 2003

As Ben Avery points out above, you're not the first person with this issue. My daughter has just upgraded her Packard Bell and has EXACTLY the same problem!

Please post back & let us know if Stuartli's links work so that I can recommend them to her as well.



  howie100 17:11 18 Dec 2003

Generic/built in modems can be a problem. My son has one and when I 'rebuilt' his PC I could not get the modem working. I fitted the PCI (Proprietary) modem from my own PC, loaded the software and bingo it worked! I tried his again and - no joy. I have now ordered a cheap card (D-Link), less than £20 from Dabs, and expect to have no trouble with that. If I do, you shall hear about it - and so will both Dabs and D-Link!

  Stuartli 17:29 18 Dec 2003

If you are not prepared to try potential solutions then there is no use complaining you have no driver CD...:-)

Modems, in general, use very similar initial instructions and the remainder are basically the icing on the cake, perhaps for a voice or fax version.

Nothing to be lost in at least attempting a generic driver approach..:-)

Just to encourage you here are some generic modem driver websites (check whose chipset is used first):

click here

click here

click here

  Stuartli 17:31 18 Dec 2003

You've paid too much...:-)

click here

Seriously, a basic modem is under a tenner these days and is all that is required for basic surfrng etc.

  jameswalpole 17:38 18 Dec 2003

Sussed out the problem, had a look inside the case and according to the print on the Modem chipset its a Connexant modem.

Found the driver on

Didn't meant to sound arsey in my earlier post, I should have illustrated that I didn't have a recovery disc or drivers disc to refer to.

Thanks again for all your comments.

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