Problems with faulty ram and slot.

  RedYelBlu 21:33 25 Nov 2015

I had noticed that my desk top PC was getting very sluggish. I'm running Win7 on a Gigabyte GA-G31M ES2l motherboard with 3GB of ram. I dismantled it to give a hoover out as the PC seems to collect dust. When I reassembled I didn't get the short bleep but now a series of about 8 bleeps. I bought some new ram and now by process of elimination I have found that the original 2gb ram is faulty ie. it doesn't work, and ram slot DDII1 also doesn't work. The original 1gb ram works in slot DDRR2 OK. I think now that when I refitted the ram I must have put them back in different slots which highlighted the fault with the ram and slot.

Is it possible for a piece of ram to develop a fault and damage the mother board? I have never heard of this happening. Or is it possible that some thing has happened in the bios? Can any one suggest a solution? Could I put a single piece of 4gb ram into the slot that works? Thanks for any help.

  Devil Fish 23:18 25 Nov 2015

a faulty slot could damage ram and a slot can become faulty for various reasons.And yes you can put a 4gig stick in 1 slot providing it is compatible with your motherboard.

  RedYelBlu 09:40 26 Nov 2015

Thank you Devil Fish. I have found some compatible ram on ebay and I didn't realise that some ram will only run with AMD or Intel CPUs. Does it matter which ram slot it goes in? Its DDII1 slot which is faulty and I would think that this slot should be used on its own first.

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