problems with entire PC

  Daisy22 16:24 03 Mar 2009

My friend has problems with her PC, the suggestions I have made have not helped, ie. system restore, degragmenting.

None of her programmes are opening up, everything is extremely slow, she tried to run an AVG virus scan but nothing happens. She had some emails today so it was working, her internet is definitely connected but IE won't open,oulook won't open, but she can't open Word documents or any other programmes.

It's beyond me to know what she can try next, any suggestions please

  wee eddie 17:27 03 Mar 2009

What software has she got loaded onto her PC?

What software is used regularly and what is normally dormant or unused?

What is the basic specification of the PC in question and what Operating System is she using.

  wee eddie 18:47 03 Mar 2009

More than one Anti-Virus Program loaded

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