Problems on Ebay with paying for items

  Beaula Page 14:02 07 Jan 2017

Hi we are having problems on the Ebay site. We cannot load the payment or 'contact' pages, they keep timing out. This happens in every browser on three PCs/laptop. However, we can pay through our mobiles. We do not have any problems shopping via any other online shops. This has been going on for weeks: sometimes we can checkout on Ebay as usual with no problems on the PCs but mostly we can't. We have rebooted the router, cleared caches and cookies. Any advice?

  mole44 14:41 07 Jan 2017

Have you completely cleared eBay got rid of it ran ccleaner and started from scratch,i did a google search and came up with this click here

  alanrwood 15:26 07 Jan 2017

Try clearing your caches

  Beaula Page 18:05 07 Jan 2017

Yes, as stated, i have cleared all caches. We have never had this problem before the last month or so

  Beaula Page 18:08 07 Jan 2017

Thank you for the link mole44 but that is not the problem - we cannot get through to the 'select a payment method' page, it times out....except every now and again, it works fine. Frustrating. I have discussed it with Ebay technical and they could not solve it. I did all the things they suggested (see original post) and it didn't work

  wee eddie 19:37 07 Jan 2017

Sometimes Anti Virus Programs will do this to you when they are supervising a payment of

  Secret-Squirrel 20:12 07 Jan 2017

This happens in every browser on three PCs/laptop.

In that case it's highly unlikely that your problem is caused by cookies, caches, or anti-virus software.

Your Internet provider may be having network routing problems that are causing this. It does happen from time to time. As a test, take a laptop over to a friends or neighbour's and try eBay from there.

  Beaula Page 23:01 07 Jan 2017

Thank you both...and if it's an AVG problem or a network routing problem, how do we fix this?

  mole44 05:03 08 Jan 2017

You could try running your internet on your computer via mobile phone making your phone a hotspot to see if it's your landline provider and i'm sure you'll be ok data wise from your phone company it won't take much of your data allowance.Also turn your router on and off and move your channel on the router to a different one (Download wifi analyzer) to your smart phone to see what chanels your on and those that are not crowded.

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