Problems with DVD Writer

  darkjedimistress 12:30 09 Aug 2004

Hi there.

Current setup.

Athlon 1GB, 512Ram, 120HDD Win XP.

Just installed a Sony DVD-RW + and - capabilities. 8x and am having problems burning any type of DVD-R.

Am using Nero 6 to burn.

If I select a large number of files and try to burn at 4x then during burn process the machine will just restart.

Tried at 2x and more stable and some writes done but never when I am moving in excess of say 50MB at a time, doesn't seen to like large blocks of data to copy across.

The DVD-RW replaced my CD-RW and is set to Master etc and all this is in order and Windows recogises the player. Am using Orange Bulkpak DVD-R's so far 5 Coasters in a row.

Am I missing anything important, have reformated HDD and reinstalled windows but with no luck.

  jonnytub 12:32 09 Aug 2004

is dma enabled on the drive?

  Chegs ® 12:35 09 Aug 2004

I had problems with Nero 6 whilst burning anything(DVD/CD)I then started getting InCD error messages,had a look round the net and found a different version of InCD,installed it and (touch wood)haven't had any repeat hassles.

  darkjedimistress 12:37 09 Aug 2004

later this evening than DMA is checked and that In CD is all okay. Have managed a couple of successful burns but only small amounts of data to an open multi-session disk.

  jonnytub 12:39 09 Aug 2004

to make sure DMA (direct memory access) is enabled go to my computer right click on it, scroll down to properties click on that. click on the hardware tab, click on device manager, look for the ide/atapi controllers, expand the list, right click on the primary ide entry, then click on properties, go to the advanced settings tab and make sure dma is is checked/ or dma if available.

  Giggle n' Bits 13:01 09 Aug 2004

Make sure you have DirectX 9, Power DVD v4 or newer/compatible, updated graphics drivers, Chipset drivers, windows updates

It may be a compatibilty issue with your DVD'R's try a Verbatim brand ?

  darkjedimistress 13:15 09 Aug 2004

Thanks for all your help.

Have Direct X 9
Power DVD 4
Latest Graphics Card Drivers
My Abit KT7-A Raid card's extra features are not supported by XP (real pain).
Maybe it's this?

  Octoz 13:16 09 Aug 2004

I had a similar problem and it was due to me installing InCD with Norton Antivirus running. I uninstalled InCD and reinstalled it with NAV disabled.
Audio LaLa's advice is highly relevant if having playback problems of movie DVD's.

Also ensure that you have no remnants of any other burning software on the computer.

  jonnytub 13:18 09 Aug 2004

suggest you put the dvd drive on the primary as slave and give that a whirl.

  wesparmalee 14:04 09 Aug 2004

Everytime i try to shut down my computer i get an ending program dialog box appear.Something called CCAPP is still running,and when i click on the end now option,my whole pc freezes on saving your settings,and can then only be shut down by turning it off at the main on-off button.As far as i can tell,CCAPP is something to do with Norton anti virus,any ideas how to stop this.Thankyou.

  Smiler 14:37 09 Aug 2004

Please start a new thread and don't try to hijack this one please

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