Problems with Dv camera

  heidelberg 15:33 18 Nov 2004

I have posted a query about the above before:

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I am still having problems though. I have now installed a firewire card, and tried to download using Ulead VideoStudio 8 (and VideoStudio 6), Windows Movie Maker V2 and DV Studio 3. With each of these I get the same problem, namely the first few seconds (perhaps as many as 6 or 7) are captured and that is as far as it goes. The tape is still playing in the camera, but the software hangs.

Any suggestions?



  scotty 16:00 18 Nov 2004

The fact that you can capture a few seconds indicates that you have a connection. Loosing the capture after a few seconds indicates the PC is not keeping up with the data transfer rate.

First thing to eliminate - check that DMA is enabled for the drive you are writing to.

What is the specification of your pc? Video capture using firewire needs an absolute minimum of 700MHz processor.

Is the disc you are saving video on the same drive that has your operating system?

  heidelberg 16:18 18 Nov 2004

dadyassa - the camera is listed as the camera device

scotty - DMA is enabled for the drive I am writing to, and the processor is 700Mhz Pentium III

Hope this helps. Any more info required?

Thanks to you both


  heidelberg 16:20 18 Nov 2004

sorry dadyassa - the camera is listed as the capture card.

  heidelberg 16:21 18 Nov 2004

dadyassa - obviusly not doing too well today!! The camera is listed as the capture device.

  scotty 16:31 18 Nov 2004

With a 700MHz processor your system is borderline for video capture. You may need to tweak you computer performance to capture video.

click here for tips on tweaking your system. Recommendations depend on your operating system.

Hardware considerations - the more RAM the better (recommend 256MB or more), use a separate fast (7200rpm) harddrive for capturing the video.

Make sure all unnecessary programs have been stopped (e.g. anti-virus)

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