Problems with Duron 1300 CPU

  BrianW 14:52 23 Jan 2003
  BrianW 14:52 23 Jan 2003

I am trying to upgrade from Duron 750 to a Duron 1300 cpu. Board is a QDI kineteZ7B,single strip of 256 mb of 133 sdram. I have a large tower case, with two HDDs mounted at the top, away from the m'board. As there was likely to be more heat I got a new Coolermaster HHC -L61 cooler (good for up to Duron 1500 and XP to beyond 2400). This replaces a bog standard Coolermaster block that was running with the amd 750. Problem - I installed the cpu and cooler, booted up,the system recognised the new chip correctly, (set the system clock as 13 X 100) ran for a few minutes and then locked up. I checked the CPU temp in BIOS, recorded as 43 deg C. (Block felt hot - about 60C by Finger). Tried extra grease, wider area of grease and with the old cooler - same result, lock up each time. I have now gone back to the old 750 CPU with the new cooler block - it appears stable. Any ideas what the problem may be and how to resolve it would be welcomed. I have checked the AMD and QDI sites, both say that the Duron 1330 is compatible with the motherbaord and I have the latest version of BIOS and VIA 4 in 1 drivers loaded. HELP ;>{{

  BrianW 15:54 23 Jan 2003


  Gongoozler 15:56 23 Jan 2003

BrianW, you shouldn't apply too much grease. You should have just the thinnest film - enough to fill any air cavities. Heatsink grease is an insulator, but less of one than the air it is replacing. What power supply do you have? If it is 250W or less that could be tha cause of your problem. AMD recommend that 250W is used for a maximum 850M processor. Even if your processor is running at 60C it should be ok, but I think below 50C is ideal.

  BrianW 16:11 23 Jan 2003

thanks for the reply Gongoozler, I have a 300w power supply which I think should more than do the job (but I note your comment about the 250w vs Duron 850 and have contacted AMD for their response). I started with the thinnest layer of grease an the minimum area, then tried increasing thickness and area (in desperation). It made no difference. Having reverted to the old 750 Duron I used the same heatsink / grease combo that I was using with the 1300. I checked the CPU temp. at each stage with the 1300, never more than 43 deg C as I mentioned. (With the 750 it is running at 35 C). Why is it that whenever one tries to improve the situation it ends up worse? ;>{{

  BrianW 17:28 23 Jan 2003

Any more "wizzes" out there?

  Gongoozler 17:45 23 Jan 2003

BrianW, the fact that the computer runs for a few minutes before locking up makes me think that the problem is temperature related. I would guess that you are using the same method as I do to estimate the temperature of the heatsink. i.e. 60C is the "Ouch point" when the surface becomes painful to touch. You don't say what your old heatsink was. The cheap and cheerful Coolermaster DP5-6I11A is said to be ok for up to 1.4G, so if you have something like that, it would be interesting to know if the computer remains stable for the same length of time.

  MartinT-B 17:52 23 Jan 2003

AMD advise never ever to use grease!click here(2808)

use a decent Thermal interface pad or Thermal epoxy - not grease click here

  MartinT-B 17:55 23 Jan 2003

Damn - first link doesn't work

click here and then choose the socket A cpu/heatsink installaion video

  BrianW 19:24 23 Jan 2003

Gongoozler - yes, my other heatsink was a cheap & cheerful Coolermaster and it took about as long to lockup as the new / improved version did. Also - yes, as an ex-bench chemist my "ouch point" is now about 60 C (used to be much higher in the old days but everything goes off as you get older!). Martin T-B, thanks, I did watch the video and used a Thermal Interface pad for the initial install of the Duron 750 when I first built this system. It was just that the new Coolermaster heatsink came with the grease so it seemed a good idea to use it. Works fine with the 750. The system is as steady as a rock with the old cpu back in. What confuses me is that the BIOS temperature read out was so low. I think I may try a Thermal Pad tomorrow and see if there is a difference. At the back of my mind I am wondering if I may need the new Power Supply as well but hope that before I splash out more money I can get confirmation that there isn't a compatability problem between the m'board and cpu. I think the 1300 is based on the Morgan core and has slightly different configuration / voltage needs from the older Durons. Fingers crossed, thanks for the input guys, any other ideas will be welcomed - particularly if there is anyone out there who is successfully running this setup.

  BrianW 21:21 23 Jan 2003


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