problems downloading AVG Lite

  the old man 18:55 25 Mar 2004

Can anyone advise when AVG was last on the PCA dvd as I have not been able to download it from Grisoft for the last couple of weeks. Dont know why this is. I have a few old discs knocking about the house. Other advice accepted.

  961 19:01 25 Mar 2004

I just wonder if AVG is perhaps trying to discourage the freebie downloaders and file updaters among us.

Recently I've found that the automatic update for the freebie has been turned off and I've had to download manually. On some occasions the manual download just won't latch onto the update folder

The other day I downloaded a new copy of the free software from the US site but today I couldn't get that to update with the latest virus file

Perhaps it's me....

  Indigo 1 19:28 25 Mar 2004

No problems for me downloading AVG Free Edition click here

Although I did hit a snag when navigating round their site using the Back button.

Also no probs with Automatic Updates either...soorry 80(

  bvw in bristol 19:29 25 Mar 2004

Just downloaded AVG 6 free edition,6.60MB, without any problem. Email code received immediately.

  Taw® 19:57 25 Mar 2004

click here check out this page for a tweak on avg updatecourtesey tommyred

  the old man 18:40 26 Mar 2004

I am not looking to update the program, I am actually looking to download it and after the help last night have tried again four times and still no joy, so dont have the avg folder to change the url.ini
am using fresh download.

  the old man 19:27 26 Mar 2004

Have just tried again and managed to download 611k before time error after 5 attempts. have checked various settings in za, freshdownload, etc.

  Proxy Worm 19:40 26 Mar 2004

click here

Try downloading it form here, click on the Quick download- VG 6 in the middle of the page.

  the old man 13:37 27 Mar 2004

perserverance, luck and the knowledge of TAW and his link have enabled me to download and get updates all in about 10 minutes.
to proxy worm thanks for advice but link only took me back to grisoft website. help appreciated though, thanks to all.

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