Problems Downloading 4OD programme on tablet

  maggielou43 20:53 02 Oct 2014

Hi, I installed BBCi player on my all winners A31 quad core android tablet running kitkat 4.4 OS and downloaded a program from BBC catchup. No problems although it did take a little time to download as my BB speed is only 3MB. I was able to watch it immediately.

Then did the same with channel 4on demand. Installed the app, chose program, clicked download and it started downloading immediately. The program was 48 minutes long and 531MB. The drive on my tablet has over 7GB free plus an 8Gb SD card Initially the estimated time for the download was 45 minutes but it has now been downloading for 3 hours and during that time the estimation has fluctuated from "less than 1 minute" to "8 hours plus" I watched it go down to 17 minutes then back up to 8 hours and everything in between. It is now showing as queued and the next program selected is downloading, but the first program does not appear to have completed nor is it showing in the "downloaded" box. When I try to watch it the buffering circle just continues going round.

Please can you help. Do I need to update flash player/silverlight or anything else required to get a faster download and more importantly a completed one that will work. Im not brilliant with the tablet as it is my first one, havent had it long and im a well seasoned silver surfer. Please help. Thanks

  Woolwell 21:40 02 Oct 2014

Updating flash etc will not improve your download. You are limited by your low download speed to the router and then wifi (although at that speed wifi will not make it slower). The server that you are downloading the program from may also be experiencing high demand and therefore providing it at a slow speed. I can only suggest that you try again at a different time and see what you can do to improve your broadband download speed.

Well seasoned silver surfers are good.

  maggielou43 11:28 03 Oct 2014

Hi woolwell

Thanks for you prompt reply. Yes I thought I could try d/l through the night but i'm not sure if the downloading can continue when the tablet is asleep. I had set the timing to the maximum available which is 30 minutes, then “used” it for a few seconds every half an hour to keep it awake.

The available space on the tablet suggests that it has downloaded but failed to initialise the completion and therefore fails to play.

I bought the tablet primarily to use the kindle, and audible apps. And most of all to download TV programs to view off line when I am away and there is no wifi available.

I believe it is set up to enable a 3G dongle but I dont know anything about them or how to connect or operate them.

Its odd though that I do not have any problems with BBC iplayer It also streams live TV ok with just minor buffering.

Perhaps there is a problem with 4OD settings or something.

Thanks again for your help. It really is very much appreciated.

Trouble is this “well seasoned silver surfer” struggles to understand tablets and smartphones, OK with PC's Linux Ubuntu is my everyday preferred OS but I dual boot it with Windows 7

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