STEPHEN S 13:05 18 Oct 2005

I have a Tiny 3500-3 Digital computer.
The TV is not working right (AVerTV DVB-T 771 with PCI card)

I cannot start the TV - Message comes up
on hardware test - error code on hardware test failure - filter 0x8020000l
Can anybody help as this TV facility is so far proving a nightmare!

Stephen S

  john-232317 14:13 18 Oct 2005

A few more details would help.....

Is PC new, did you install card, did you load drivers, did it ever work.

Have you tried uninstalling and let windows ???
find it again.

  STEPHEN S 14:20 18 Oct 2005

The computer is only 9 months old. The card and drivers came fully installed with the unit and I have tried uninstalling the software but it does not work. I also tried a system restore but for some reason it would not let me go back to the previous day.
The TV has worked but the screen sometimes does not come up and I have had to shut the system down to restart it again.
It seems very unreliable

Stephen S

  john-232317 14:30 18 Oct 2005

Probably a software problem, maybe there are new drivers on the makers website.

This site is a forum for any video / tv questions, scroll down they have a forum on DVB stuff, you might find something there or ask. click here

Hope it helps john

  STEPHEN S 08:02 19 Oct 2005

Thank you for your help I have been able to rectify the problem by re-installing the software again. I cannot have done it right the last time I tried to install it before. Thanks again

Srephen S

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