Problems deleting a program file

  Ridleyrider 09:55 17 Feb 2004

My PC is extremely slow today in general and things are hanging. I'm running XP & BT broadband.

I have had a search through my software and I have some rogue stuff there which I feel is the root of the problem. The files (within Program Files) are;

Folder = gmsoft
sub folder = diallers
contents = orgycam

I'm not sure how it got there but I can't delete it.

I have tried deleting the parent folder via Program Files on the C Drive but I get the following message

'Cannot delete program file orgycam.exe:Access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use'

I cannot see that it is in use anywhere. I have never used this application.

I have also tried to remove it and something called Open MG Secure Module 3.3 (awhich I feel may be related) via add or remove programmes in the control panel but it wont let me. It doesn't give me any messages, it just hangs.

I have tried rebooting and repeating the above but no joy.

Any help greatly appreciated.

  Cesar 10:00 17 Feb 2004

Have you tried deleting this file in safe mode.

  Ridleyrider 10:04 17 Feb 2004

Sorry for being naive but what is safe mode etc...?

  nick_j007 10:08 17 Feb 2004

I'm no pro. but safe mode is when you boot up the PC with just the very basic system running, and many of the services not running.
Try pressing F8 when the PC just begins to start.
Then cautiously work your way around the PC doing what you want to do.
Create a restore point in XP if you are concerned.
Others here will be able to polish what I have written!



  BigMoFoT 10:11 17 Feb 2004

Try deleting in safe mode..Is there an uninstall function in add/remove programs for example?

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