Problems with defrag again....

  geoff47 16:03 28 Jan 2003

I have shut down everything using ctrl/alt/delete
as you should,and have even downloaded Power Defrag...searched elsewhere...but know here I will get a sympathetic hearing.
When defragmenting it runs for a long time then just freezes,and I have to shut down using ctrl/alt/del......any suggestions?
Thanks in advance Geoff47

  ©®@$ђ 16:10 28 Jan 2003

try scanning disk before you defrag

  Djohn 16:14 28 Jan 2003

geoff47, also are you sure everthing is closed down before defrag, I don't know if you are aware, but some progs. need two or three clicks on them. I keep checking my window until only explorer ans sys. tray are showing.

  geoff47 17:16 28 Jan 2003

I have Power Defrag which normally manages everything,or so I though,and yes Djohn Im 100% sure everything is shut down.
Have searched for similar problems and to be honest dont understand some of the solutions...but that is my just me.
Will try to defrag then scan....and then scan then defrag,and any other variation to see if it works.Power Defrag does them in a sequence but I believe defrag comes after scan.
The problem is it can be defragging for nearly 2 hours and then frustratingly freezes,seems such a waste of time..thanks for anything else to add.

  Djohn 17:23 28 Jan 2003

Geoff47, The only thing I can suggest is to try a defrag in safe mode, this should take only a short time.

I feel there is a problem somewhere, but don't know the answer to it. My PC running win98se with a 40 gig H/drive, 4 gig used, takes only 7 mins. to do a full defrag.

  Belatucadrus 18:03 28 Jan 2003

click here for an article on defrag problems with links to Defrag ME and notes on how to install it. Apparently it's much better than it's predecessors. If that doesn't work try click here. for diskeeper lite. If that doesn't work try the sledgehammer approach, though it must be said this is more for totally fragmenting rather than defragmenting. Not constructive but satisfying.

  wee eddie 18:17 28 Jan 2003

geoff47, are there any changes to your Hardware or programs that you have added or downloaded lately

  AL D. 20:24 28 Jan 2003

I agree with Belatucadrus diskeeper lite is a very good defrager.try it.

  geoff47 21:35 28 Jan 2003

Update.....I have defragged..and how?
Got System Mechanic and Disc Keeper Lite,after the earlier advice.
Also had previously searched for help and run selective start up,also installed or tried to install Defrag.inf from win98 cd as another site had said.Also tried to defrag in safe mode.
So dont really know what did the trick....Have tried at least 4 times over previous days,each time reaching as long as 1hour45 mins before failing.It took over 2hours this time.
When you run powerdefrag it does a scan and defrag.Makes me reluctant to defrag next time,but know it makes will try again tomorrow and see what happens,should run faster?
Thanks for the help Geoff47...
dont mention the sledge hammer approach....perlease!!!!my poor putor was getting worried..

  Ironman556 21:43 28 Jan 2003

I've found that defrag will restart and after slowly going from the beginning again, and looking like it's lost all the work it's done, it'll suddenly skip over loads that it's already done... so your 2 hours is not a total waste of time. It'll just take longer that way... The ME defrag is much faster than the 98

  geoff47 22:22 28 Jan 2003

Some name that!!!! and some fix from your link!!!!
Just did it and defragged in under a minute......yes I know it would be quicker after a previous defrag but even so.....normally worry me doing things like that but I am getting bolder...hope it remains good...never know with windows do we?
Thanks again Geoff

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