Problems with search

  suburban train 00:14 04 Feb 2003

Im having problems with for a few days everytime i try to do a search e.g optical disks the search returns me nothing but if i search by product it gives me a full list of whats in stock this will take ages to search for my requirements.

Have a try click here click optical disks on the left and page and search

or is it just me?

  Djohn 00:56 04 Feb 2003

click here Not sure if this link will work but I did as you requested and it found 22.

  Djohn 00:58 04 Feb 2003

The link will take you to the page then type in "optical disks" in the blue search box top center.

  suburban train 01:17 04 Feb 2003

cheers for the link but can you try doing a search for a optical disk e.g internal, read speed 48 and so on?

  Djohn 01:28 04 Feb 2003

No I can't seem to refine it down any more than the 22 shown, think you would need to put the manufacturer and exact specs. in for what you want.

Does seem to defeat the object of a general search though to do a comparison. J.

  suburban train 01:34 04 Feb 2003

it does the same for other products e.g pc's and graphics card, i bought DVD drive and a CDRW drive from DABS using the search facilty which i used as stated above and worked fine but now it doesnt

any ideas?

  Djohn 01:40 04 Feb 2003

None I can think of at the moment, but I will have a play round the site later on today and see if I can find a better way of searching.

  suburban train 01:41 04 Feb 2003

cheers mate you always seem to help me out!

  Djohn 01:43 04 Feb 2003

Your welcome, hope I can find a result. J.

  Stuartli 02:05 04 Feb 2003

Wouldn't it be better to take the matter up with dabs rather than this forum? When all is said and done, dabs is the organisation likely to lose out on the matter?

  suburban train 02:51 04 Feb 2003

yeah i have done but ive been having a lot of problems with Internet Explorer lately and was just checking whether i wasnt doing something or if there was a problem

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