Problems with a D-Link Router

  marcwilliams 10:26 22 Jan 2010

Hi there, I have been having problems all week getting on to the internet. I use a D-Link DSL-G624T wireless router. I have a PC downstairs and use a lap-top upstairs. I seem to be able to connect to the router but the router wont connect to the internet. It's not a problem with my connection as I've tried the old modem and I can get online using that with no issues. When ever I try to connect using my lap-top via a wireless connection, I simply get a message saying it was unable to connect to the internet. the extent of my technical ability is to turn the router on an off for 20 seconds and hope for the best. To complicate matters I cannot go to my ISP for tech support. my broadband was given to me "free" by my last job. The company ceased trading, but they've paid for the connection until the end of 2010. Can anyone suggest a course of action? Thanking you in advance for any assistance.

  mgmcc 12:42 22 Jan 2010

You say that:
>>> When ever I try to connect using my lap-top via
>>> a wireless connection, I simply get a message
>>> saying it was unable to connect to the internet.

Presumably the computer located downstairs has a "wired" ethernet connection to the router? If this is the case, is it getting online OK via the router?

The answer to that will determine whether the problem is with the "Laptop to Router" wireless connection or the "Router to ISP" connection.

If it turns out to be a "Router to ISP" problem, I'd suggest hard resetting the router back to factory default settings, but this would involve configuring it again from scratch so you would have to know how to do that.

  marcwilliams 13:16 22 Jan 2010

Hi thanks for your reply, I can only connect using the PC downstairs, if I disconnect from the W/Less router and plug into an old "wired" router I have. My Suspicion is, the problem is "router to ISP". Can you point me in the direction of a resource that could show me how to reconfigure the router?

  mgmcc 13:49 22 Jan 2010

Some routers actually have a facility to save their current configuration to a PC connected to it (by ethernet cable, *NOT* wirelessly. If this is the case, save that and then perform a "hard reset" back to factory defaults. There should be instructions for doing that in the router's manual. Normally there is a 'reset' button at the back which you hold in for a period of something like 10 seconds while still powered on and that resets it. You then need to load back the configuration that was saved.

You can access a router's configuration pages by typing its IP address into your web browser.

  mgmcc 13:51 22 Jan 2010

A D-Link router's IP address will almost certainly be

  marcwilliams 13:54 22 Jan 2010


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