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im new and not so good with Wireless Routers:-( please bare with me... my problem:-

I am setting up wireless internet for family member. She bought D-Link DSL-G604T modem and wireless router and 2 belkin wireless usb dongles.

I am wanting to setup wireless Internet using 2 desktop PCs in the house.

Initially I connected the wireless router to 1 of the PC's via ethernet for initial setup. went through the browser-based setup for the router.

Then I removed the ethernet cable and tried both PCs via wireless (Problems). My PC rarely picks up and connects to the router and when it does (rare) Internet is very slow but most often I get 'Page Cannot be displayed'.

Any suggections greatly appreciated but my question is - Can they be some sort of conflict between the Belkin wireless dongles and the d-link wireless router? do i need to mess about with IP addresses?

PLEASE HELP... this has been going on for over a month and I am losing hair over this

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Hi Mo1982

I would start by looking at the signal strength of your wireless connection - as you mentioned you can sometimes get a connection - albeit slow and unreliable; it may be that your wireless box isn't outputting a strong enough signal to reach the PCs. Ceilings and proper brick walls all contribute to slowing the signal. If you have Windows XP Service Pack 2 - have a look in the Wireless Connection box. If you don't have SP2, try installing all the software that came with the Belkin dongles. In either case you are looking for a signal strenth bar to show you how well the signal is getting to you.

If you can get any connection at all - I wouuldn't start toying with IP addresses.

If the signal is poor - you may have to invest in a more powerful wireless box - alternatively try re-positioning the box closer to the PC's.

Best of luck

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thanks moore_mat,

1 more quick question... how do i go about removing all the settings and install of the router, wireless dongle and the router settings?

it would be nice to attempt all you've advised on a fresh install?


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To reset the router, there's normally s small "reset" button on the back. If you hold that in for a few seconds; that will reset the unit to factory specs.

As for the PC's. Go into Conrtol Panel --> Network Connections and open the properties for the wireless dongle. Ensure everything within the "TCP/IP" screen is set to automatic.

Next, back in Control Panel, go into Add/Remove Programs and uninstall anything to do with the Dongles. If nothing is available; don't worry - pretty much all of the setup is done from the router.

Best of luck

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