problems creating a new hotmail account

  end 17:36 10 Jan 2005

I have been to click here, and gone thru the form; at the end of the proceedure it tells me that it will put my own name and surname around the address I have chosen and that it will not tolerate gaps before my name; I did not put any gaps before my name.every which-way I try to go thru this I get "blocked" by whatever.; will it insist that I use part of my given name IN the address; and can someone please take me step by step thru this; I know it should not be difficult , but that appears to be "famous last words":(

  musicbassman 18:58 10 Jan 2005

Sorry, but don't quite understand what the problem is. If you want a new hotmail account, you understand that you don't have to actually put your christian name and surname as your 'name'. For example you could put 'Computer' and then 'User'. Obviously this isn't part of your email address, which you have to choose further down the form. And if your chosen email address ('soandso' @ is already in use you will be offered suggested alternatives.
Also, on your other thread there was a suggestion that you couldn't have more than one name on one address. Of course this is correct, but I assume you understand this is referring to your email address, not your postal address!

  end 19:14 10 Jan 2005

as far as I recall , I DID have a hotmail address, but will be dammned if I can remember what it was; and cannot find any way of finding it out;I have been thru the form to create a new address ( e mail!); what THAT form told me was that, if I remember correctly, it will put my first name in front of the address I choose; all I want is a somewhat unusual e mail adress, (which I THINK I HAVE chosen rather well!!)to use, primarily with the MSN thingi;
however, I would not have thought that such a process could be frought with so many difficulties as I am experiencing:(

gees all I want is a useable e mail address with the MSN thing;and, possibly, to use, if I want, as my "normal " address ( although a somewhat novel name to use!)

  ACOLYTE 19:54 10 Jan 2005

Can u not open another hotmail account through MSN?,click sign in with another user name and follow the insrtuctions to open an account.

  end 21:11 10 Jan 2005

I have FINALLY managed to do that; but now cannot get my MSN messenger to "accept" the new address...GGGRRRRR

and when I have done THAT have to let them that needs to know..what it is::(((

(if F.E. is "dipping in " on this do I keep going with this thread or close this an open with a new thread?)

  end 21:45 10 Jan 2005

have finally created one, but now cannot open it; this is NOT MY DAY:(

  end 08:20 11 Jan 2005

anyone care to suggest how I get to open my address and where? ( and a can- opener might do but..)

  postie 08:30 11 Jan 2005

Now there's a coincidence you cant get your new address and I cant get my old address ,,,,same problem but opposite effect LOL postie

  end 08:34 11 Jan 2005

I have been trying to get to and find my old address and have given up!

where do I go to to open and read my new address mail? THIS is stupid:(

  User-312386 08:40 11 Jan 2005

there is a problem lately with opening a web page and hotmail

Have you gone into MSN messenger and accessed the e-mails that way?

  end 18:29 11 Jan 2005

yes; and it will not let me; I get taken to a page that says I have to sign up for a paid address; is someone having a laugh with it:(

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