Problems creating MP3 disc.

  wesparmalee 16:13 18 May 2005

Can someone tell me how to create an MP3 disc without gaps between trcks.Whenever i burn a normal audio cd using Nero Express with the disc at once option checked,the disc plays back fine with no gaps between songs.But whenever i do the same thing when trying to create an MP3 disc,the one second gap appears between every track.This is really annoying especially when trying to put together a disc of live performances,as nothing flows smoothly.I'm i doing something wrong here,as i've done everything i can think of to correct this.Thanks.

  huzzar 17:57 18 May 2005

Until someone comes with more knowledgeable advice I can offer my bit of experience on your problem. The MP3s you are adding into Nero come with their own "built in" gap at the start and end of each track and will therefor be heard on your new CD. What you need, I believe, is an MP3 program that will join your tracks together so that they all become just one long track, i.e one MP3 and not lots of them.

I use Magix Audio Cleaning Lab but I recon there are some free software programs that can be downloaded that will do the job for you just as well.

Hope this is useful to you.

  wesparmalee 18:44 18 May 2005

Thanks for your reply,but when i use these very same Mp3 files when making a normal audio disc,there are no gaps.The only reason i want to make the disc mp3 is because so much more data can be added.It's a real mystery as i can find nothing on the subject on the net.Thanks anyway.

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