Problems connecting usb device

  jake2 20:59 23 Nov 2003

Installing Digital camera & software, Can down load images into pc fine by selecting the shortcut on desktop, but pc is supposed to recognise camera when connected via usb and open software. Also getting icon in task bar and message telling me to safely remove hardware. Have removed program twice, tried two different usb ports no joy. Added program to removable disc (F:) as instructed, no joy. Had this set up for a while but this is the first time ive used it in quite a while, in the meantime the hard disc has been re-formated at mesh. OS is xp. Any ideas where to start? Seems that XP does not recognise usb device, but when usb hub and mass storage device both are said to be working properly.

  obbit 21:17 23 Nov 2003

usually with usb devices you have to load the software first then plug in the device after.

  jake2 21:47 23 Nov 2003

"load the software first then plug in the device after." Tried that just now same result. I can use the set up as it is by opening the program manualy. So to me that suggests the usb is working fine, just that the computer cant make the connection itself between the usb port and opening "camedia master 4.1" (olympus)Dont know anything about this "removeable disc f" But reckon the problem may be connected with that somehow.

  Quiller. 22:06 23 Nov 2003

Does your digital camera have any memory stick or card in it. C/F, M/S, S/M or SD/mmc, these are types of memory. If it does or it can take it then the removable disk f will be windows pointing to it. It will see it, as say an extra hard drive.

The "safely remove hardware" icon is sometimes associated with drivers that are not certified by Microsoft or not installed properly.

  jake2 22:21 23 Nov 2003

Yes it has a memory card in it. Thing that makes me think that its a setting somewhere in xp is that it worked perfectly before, and there is no option in the software to change. " It will see it, as say an extra hard drive." How do i get xp to recognise the memory card as a drive and open automaticaly, as it used to do? You said earlier to add device once software was installed, would you re-boot then plug in usb? or switch off then plug in usb & boot up? Install wizard did not mention re-boot to finish instalation.

  Quiller. 22:41 23 Nov 2003

No obbit mentioned about installing the software before connecting the device and is 100% correct.

I personally would remove the software from add and remove progs, go to device manager and delete any reference to it there and reboot.

Then I would install the software, reboot and when it has loaded to full windows desktop, then I would plug the camera in.

But that's just the way I would do it.

"" It will see it, as say an extra hard drive." How do i get xp to recognise the memory card as a drive and open automaticaly, as it used to do? ""

On my camera I have to put the memory card into a reader, this then automatically opens the software.

  Steve Mat 22:43 23 Nov 2003

If it's a fuji camera you are using then it is because you have upgraded to XP. I've had the same problem. The program was wrote for 98/Mil but you cansend off to Fuji for the latest version of the program.

I just manually start up.

Hope this helps.

  jake2 22:50 23 Nov 2003

Nah its an Olympus mju:300 (supposed to) run on Camedia master 4.1. Looking roun the site looks like quite a few people are having probs with didital cameras. Whats pi##!!g me off is that it was working fine before & I cant figure out whats changed! Cest la vie!!

  Kudu 22:52 23 Nov 2003

I have a Fuji camera and just plug it into a USB port and a removeable drive F comes up in My Computer and then windows ask where do you want to send the fotos.I have no drivers installed as they gave me nothing but trouble and XP handles everything perfectly without them.

  Kudu 22:53 23 Nov 2003

Sorry should have said you switch on camera power when you plug in.

  temp003 03:12 24 Nov 2003

Actually it seems to me that things are working fine and your camera is properly recognised.

You can open the software manually and use it.

When you connect the camera with a memory card inside, you see a Removable Disk F in My Computer. That's normal. To Windows XP, your memory card is for data storage which is connected to the computer via the camera which is a USB device. Hence "Removable Disk" in My Computer (F being the next drive letter), and "USB mass storage" in Device Manager. I can assure you that it is quite normal.

Because it is a removable device, the Add/Remove Hardware icon appears in the system tray. The icon enables you to click it and select to stop the device first, before disconnecting the removable device. In the case of data storage device, this is to prevent data corruption which could happen if you disconnect the device while Windows is accessing/writing data to the device. After you click to stop the device, Windows will tell you the device has been stopped, and it is safe to remove it now. Then you can disconnect it.

If all you want to do is to transfer the photo files to the computer, when you see the Removable Disk F, just double click it (as you would for your C partition or CD drive) and navigate through the folders to access the files, and just use Windows to copy the files to somewhere on your computer. You don't need the camera software to do this.

All that you can't do is the camera software doesn't open automatically on connecting the camera. If it used to do that, can't explain why it doesn't now, but you can live with that. It may be that Windows used not to have your camera on its list of recognised devices, and relied on the camera software to communicate with the device first before seeing the memory card, and certain updates to XP have changed that so that XP now skips the camera software. Just a guess, I may be quite wrong, but the important thing is the camera is actually behaving quite normally on your computer.

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