Problems with Connecting to Tiscali Broadband

  Troodles 21:28 06 Jan 2004

I have been using Tiscali Broadband service £15.99 for about 6 weeks and have an absolute nightmare trying to connect. It takes several attempts every time to log onto the service. I have called their technical support based in India numerous times and they still have not solved the problem.

The main error is a 721, has anyone experienced this with Tiscali and was it resolved?
Also if this continues, I signed a 12 month contract am I within my rights to cancel the contract due to bad service?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:29 06 Jan 2004

have you connected the modem to a main USB port and NOT an extension?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:31 06 Jan 2004

I would also suggest that you delte the connection and run the setup disk again. You must only plug in the modem when you are told to (important.)


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:32 06 Jan 2004

Error 718/721 %u2013 PPP Error
This problem tends to occur due to failure of the modem synchronising with the local exchange

- Recheck connection settings, as this error can be caused by dialling an incorrect number
- Restart your PC and attempt to reconnect as this can sometimes be caused by a synchronisation problem
- Recreate the Dial-up Connection


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:33 06 Jan 2004
  Troodles 21:40 06 Jan 2004

Thanks very much for all your suggestions but I have tried them. Re-installed the Modem and its connected via a USB connection and all appears to be working, and have trouble shooted the modem aswell and it responds. Tiscali are now checking lines etc.

  GrahamP 21:45 06 Jan 2004

I've been unable to connect via Tiscali 3x Broadband since midday Monday. Their service info says planned maintenance may cause some users minor outages. Like you I haven't had much joy with the Indian helpline. On Monday they advised retrying in a couple of hours. Today they said it should be fixed within 48 hours.

I have to say that, aside from occasionally having to redetect the adaptor, up till now the service has been perfect. Nevertheless I'll be demanding a pro rata refund.

  gold 47 22:44 06 Jan 2004

Not the best ISP tobe with.

  GrahamP 18:47 07 Jan 2004

I was able to log on again at 9 am this (wednesday) morning and it's been fine since.

This Bangalore Helpline is a mindblower. It's invariably answered by someone with an impenetrable Indian accent and when you ask for their name they say "Kevin" or "Dennis Wilson".
Hmm? I think it's time to provide Tiscali with some feedback along the lines of "Obviously outsourcing your helpline to India cuts costs but since it's a worse than useless service why not do away with it entirely and save even more?" or is that tempting fate?

  Troodles 13:10 09 Jan 2004

I am now being disconnected by Tiscali when I do eventually get online, and again it takes several attempts to get connected again onto broadband.

The Call Centre representatives in India do try to be very helpful, but it is clear to me that communication is lost somewhere in the loop as I was promised feedback within 48 hours if there was still ongoing problems and that if I did not hear anything then the problem was resolved and clearly this is not the case!

I do feel however that the Call Centre based in India is used by Tiscali as a buffer and it is therefore very difficult to speak to a supervisor to escalate problems and that you are having to rely on the call centre representatives to do this on your behalf. After another frustrated call last night, I have informed Tiscali via their call centre that I want to withdraw from their service on Monday if the situation is not rectified. Watch this space!

  Troodles 12:23 12 Jan 2004

After a final rant during the week, I have had a relatively problem free connecting experience with Tiscali for the past 5 days.

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