Problems connecting Netgear DG834G to BT Homehub

  ishoudknowthis 20:42 08 May 2010

I have BT HomeHub v2 providing my broadband internect connection and a wireless network. This works fine. However, I have a number of PCs that are not wireless enabled, and also a currently unused Netgear DG834G wireles ADSL2+ modem router.

I thought I would try and get the DG834G router to act as a 'wireless client' to the HomeHub, and then plug the PCs into the Ethernet (wired) ports of the DG834G.

Unfortunately, I am unable to get the DG834G to connect to the Homehub. I have configured the following settings on the DG834G:
- Set the wireless SSID, channel number, encryption type (WPA-PSK) and network key to be identical to that on the Homehub
- Disabled NAT
- Configured a static LAN IP address within the range assigned by the DHCP server on the HomeHub
- Disabled DHCP (this is on the DG834G)
- Enabled Wireless bridging and repeating
- Selected the "Repeater with Wireless Client Assciation" and entered the MAC address of the Homehub's wireless adapter

I then rebooted the DG834G, but it is not being recognised at all by the Homehub. Does anyone know if what I am trying to do is possible, and if so, what confiugrations I need to set to get it to work?

If it helps, the homehub firmware is " (Type B)", and the DG834G firmware is "V5.01.16"

Many thanks in advance

  100andthirty 20:51 08 May 2010

BT Home Hub V2 doesn't support wireless bridging. If you want to slave the Netgear to the Hub then you need to use ethernet or home plugs. Are you hoping to use the Netgear in a different room? Otherwise why not use the Home Hub's ethernet sockets?

  ishouldknowthis 17:52 09 May 2010

Thanks for this.

The PCs are located some way distant from the Homehub, which is why I was trying to use the Netgear. Although I don't understand why the Netgear router can't just pass through the PC's traffic without a new protocol on the Homehub, I'll accept that it can't. I guess the only way is to wireless enable the PCs, after all.

  100andthirty 06:00 10 May 2010

If there's cost invovled you could weigh up the cost of the Wifi adaptors for the non-enabled PCs or a couple of home plugs.

using another Router as a switch and/or wireless access point does work - I've done it myself, gitst with a long enthernet cable and later with a couple of home plugs.

Also if the computers are "some way" from the Home Hub, there could be reception problems. That's why I set up my arrangement!

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