Problems connecting to the internet

  smudge6521 20:09 21 Nov 2008

This is a further request for assistance if anybody can help, I have recently reinstalled XP pro on a computer following blue screen problems. I also loaded a Belkin wireless USB adaptor to connect to my network. However I am having no luck in connecting to the internet. When I open the belkin shortcut to check connections it shows a red line with a yellow warning traingle between the computer and the router and the same between the computer and internet. The wireless network is a strong signal and all the passwords are correct to allow access. I have the same usb stick on another computer and it runs fine. I am now out of ideas and hoping there is an expert out there who can assist. Thanks in advance

  MsTechie 20:18 21 Nov 2008

I know you said you have the same adapter on another PC but have you tried this adapter on the other PC, just to rule out the possibility of it being faulty

  MAJ 20:19 21 Nov 2008

Try using XP's own Wireless Zero Configuration service, instead of the Belkin software, from Start > Run: type:


and click OK. Scroll down and start the service.

  smudge6521 18:16 22 Nov 2008

Have tried both of the methods you suggest but still no joy, anybody out there with any more ideas

  Sean.f 21:27 22 Nov 2008

Hi Smudge,

I have 2 Belkin F5D7050 802.11g adaptors in mine and my daughters pc and a BT voyager in my sons pc, I too have had problems with connecting to the net on both pc's with the Belkin, I know this sounds very simple but did you get the extention cable with the adaptor, I did and found that after weeks of messing with the pc 1 reinstall of windows thinking that was the problem it was the cable, I now have £5 usb extention and both work fine. (just for the record never had a problem with the voyager.

I hope this is of some help.

  smudge6521 11:16 23 Nov 2008

Thanks for your help I indeed have the USB extension lead so will try another lead to see if that helps will keep you informed. Once again thanks for response

  smudge6521 15:22 23 Nov 2008

Have replaced the cable as in sean.f response and still no response when I open IE.USB device is working just not connecting to internet. Signal strength on wireless is shown as strong, and icon in tray is showing active anybody got any more ideas, thanks

  kidsis 15:14 24 Nov 2008

hi Smudge, if you still have the problem: I see you reinstalled the OS - hope you don't mind me asking but did you load the correct drivers for the usb adaptor, and have you tried the manufacturer's site for latest driver?

  dms_05 16:48 24 Nov 2008

Generally its a good idea to use either the Belkin WiFi Manager or the XP WiFi Manager but not both. Even having them both installed can cause problems. I alwys use the Windows Manager and only ever install the drivers for the WiFi device. You might like to try uninstalling all the Belkin software and trying inserting the USB Stick after that - XP may have the drivers already in its library and so just install, if it hasn't then when asked insert the Belkin driver CD whilst holding down the left Shift key (this stops the CD auto booting and installing all the software) and then install the drivers. Then run the XP WiFi Manager. It might just work!

  smudge6521 13:47 25 Nov 2008

Thanks for all your help guys just got it working at last uninstalled the software as recommended and used windows as suggested.

  the hick 08:41 11 Jul 2009

Just found this thread. Tried to use Windows zero configuration on my PC to get the 7050 adapter working, but the 'Start' button is greyed-out. Still no joy here!

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