Problems connecting to the Internet

  Ken H Lamb 07:46 14 Oct 2005

I had installed on my desktop computer a Thompsons Speedtouch 300 ASDL modem I purchased a Belkin Wi-Fi Router-ASDL modem so that I could share my broadband connection with my laptop computer. I uninstalled my Thompsons Speedtouch 300 ASDL modem and installed the Belkin Wi-Fi Router-ASDL modem. Since installing it I have not been able to get onto the Internet from my desktop computer which is the host computer on my home network. I installed all of the relevant information that I received from my ISP (Karoo) using the setup wizard on the Belkin Router-ASDL modem and it shows in the setup pages as connected to the Internet but I can not get onto the Internet using Internet Explorer. I have disabeled my McAfee Firewall in case that was the problem. I have cleared all of the information from Internet Explorer - Tools - Connections and the only "tick" is in the Never Dial a Connection, I have tried everything that I can think of without success any ideas as to what the problem may be?

  diy 22:40 15 Oct 2005

Can you update programs, say, anti virus, windows, etc so you can actually check the connection is working without opening IE?

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:52 15 Oct 2005

external sites?

Try pinging (start, run, type cmd <enter> and type ping etc)

What happens?

You should get some returns from that and at the end it will say received = x lost = x

If received > 0 then try ping click here and see what happens.


  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:55 15 Oct 2005

about the pesky click here.

It should say ping www . pcadvisor . co . uk

with no spaces

  Ken H Lamb 15:24 16 Oct 2005

Hi Guys

*Can you update programs, say, anti virus, windows, etc so you can actually check the connection is working without opening IE?* No DIY I couldn't connect to the Internet at all.

I have now got connected to the Internet, I have re-connected the ethernet cable back form the ASDL/Router to my Desktop computer and as soon as I did that I could then get onto the Internet using my Desktop computer without any bother. I still could not get onto the Internet from my Laptop I connected my Laptop to the ASDL/Router with an ethernet cable and I can get onto the Internet but as soon as I disconnect the cable form the Laptop or the Desktop I can not get onto the Internet from either computer. Any one any ideas as to why. Do I need to install my ISP software on my Laptop?

On the Laptop computer,from Internet Explorer - Tools - Connections LAN Settings I have ticked "Automatically detect settings" but this does not make any difference. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks - Ken

  diy 19:26 16 Oct 2005

My wired set up, which may give some pointers, is a BT voyager 205 modem/router connected by ethernet cable to a D link broadband router to which is connected my other computers by ethernet cables. I ran the installation software for modem and router on my main computer before connecting the others. Luckily it worked! I don't think I can be of much more help, perhaps some other forum members can come up with something more technical?

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:21 16 Oct 2005

you tried pinging?

Please try pinging with the IP address I postd earlier. It could be DNS issues. My router needs me to manually enter a DNS server address.


  Forum Editor 23:11 16 Oct 2005

on any of the computers.

All you need to do is configure the router with your login details, and you say that you've done this. You obviously did it correctly, because the router is online, and you can access the internet via the LAN cable.

The fact that neither your PC or your laptop's wireless network adapters can see the wireless router is very strange. I know it's a stupid question but both computers do have correctly installed wireless network adapters don't they?

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:59 16 Oct 2005

There's no indication that (s)he can't access the router. Just the web.

Hence my suggestion of pinging an Ip so we can rule out DNS problems.


  Ken H Lamb 10:14 17 Oct 2005

Morning Guys

My Laptop (Advent form PC World)came with an Wi-Fi installed it is the Intersil Prism, my Desktop adaptor is a Belkin USB all ping out OK, I can share printers, files, folders etc using the Wi-Fi facility on both machines I have checked this out 1) by checking the info' sent and received by each computer and 2) by not connecting the ethernet leads.I have no problems with either my only problem is connecting to the Internet. When I have both Desktop and Laptop connected to the ASDL/Router neither can access the Internet either on their own or when neither are connected or individually connected. Thanks Forum Editor I didn't think I needed any ISP info' installed but I am grasping at straws!

  tasslehoff burrfoot 16:45 17 Oct 2005

If by DHCP, then manually enter an IP in the same range as the router.

e.g. if the router is then set the desktop to and the laptop as

Subnet to

Gateway as (or whatever the router IP is.)

Underneath this you should have settings for DNS servers. Find out what they are from your ISP and manually input them.

Where does this get us?


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