Problems connecting HP PSC750

  BillD 09:48 12 Sep 2003

Help please.
I recently purchased an HP PSC750 on Dabs auction which was supposed to be fully working and still under guarantee. I cannot get it to connect to a PC (i've tried 3 - 2xW98SE & 1xXP) using three different USB cables (all of which work on other things).
I have had no response to my emails to Dabs and I have run out of things to try on HP's website.
The symptoms are, the software appears to install, then when one connects the PSC and turns on the power - nothing!
The device works in stand alone manner, ie it copies and scans and prints a self-test sheet.
I have updated MSI.
Any ideas please?

  MAJ 09:55 12 Sep 2003

A problem, I've had before with HP printers can be the length of the USB cable, if it's longer than 3 metres, sometimes they just refuse to work even when everything has been done correctly, as you have seem to done.

  BrianW 10:10 12 Sep 2003

What happens if you turn on the machine and then plug in the psc750? I had problems with an older HP scanner with a USB connection and this seemed to be the only way to get it recognised ie: booting up with it attached didn't work.

Also does the psc 750 come with a parallel connector? If so, try that to see if it is a machine fault or usb port fault.

  BillD 14:47 12 Sep 2003

Thank you MAJ and BrianW for your suggestions.
I have used three different length USB cables from 2m to 5m. I have tried hot plugging and cold starting and every other permutation I can think of! The manifestation appears to be no connection from PC to PSC. The printer does not register in the 'printers' folder either.

  keenan 15:14 12 Sep 2003

Have you tried using the ADD PRINTER WIZARD in XP.This will enable you to manually locate the input.
START-Control panel:printers & other harware:add printer.

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