Problems connecting to AOL with new adsl router

  gazbristol 12:46 02 Oct 2008

Can anyone help...
I have AOL BB and was using a Netgear adsl router without issue. I want to change the router to one provided integral to my phone system (BT Versatility). When I try to congigure the new router for PPPoE and enter my username and pw (as confirmed with AOL tech support) the router trys to connect but cant authenticate. AOL tech support say the log shows the router connecting but stopping at stage 2 (which I assume is where the username and pw are checked)and there is nothing they can do. I have checked the settings against my old netgear router and the only thing that I can see that is different is:

1) The netgear LAN ip is 192.168.0 1, whereas the new router is

2) The netgear router shows the ip subnet mask as, where as the new router is programmed to

Does anyone have any suggestions please??


  aceofbass 15:03 02 Oct 2008

AOL have recently changed their login details as a result of upgrading their service. My wireless router had to be configured to login on [email protected] not [email protected] (where username is the account name you use to access AOL).
If you are still using [email protected] then it's worth trying the instead.

  gazbristol 18:10 02 Oct 2008

Thanks for the reply Ace, I had heard about that and have tried both old and new formats. Still cant get the thing to connect. The weird thing is that the netgear does connect with the same settings as the BT router. I have tried changing the BT one and get the same result. I think I will have to use the netgear as the adsl modem and try to link via ETH/DMZ if I can work out the settings.

I guess there must be something strange about the AOL settings that differ from other ISPs adsl.

  T0SH 19:30 02 Oct 2008

Never having used any BT Versatility kit I cant say for certain but I think I would bet a fair bit of my pocket money that like all other BT internet products it will be locked so you will not be able to use it with any other internet service provider like AOL ETC

Cheers HC

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