Problems configuring SMC Wireless Router

  Tatiana 22:07 29 Aug 2006

I am trying to set up an SMCWBR14-G2 Wireless router with 3 PCs attached on a home network - 2 desktops via Ethernet LAN connections and a Laptop via a wireless connection.
One of the desktop PCs running XP is fully functional with both internet and file sharing fully operational.
The other desktop is running Windows 98. It appears on the LAN network, but I cannot get internet access from it. The router is configured for dynamic DHPC, but it would not assign an IP address to this machine. I had to manually assign an sddress before it appeared on the network. It does display an internet gateway icon in the system tray, which implies it is connected to the net via an 'internet gateway', but Internet Explorer reports that 'the page cannot be displayed' and it 'cannot find the server'.
The Laptop, running XP, operates over the wireless connection and achieves internet access, but doesn't appear on the home network and hence can't do any file or printer sharing.
The three machines used to operate happily over an Ethernet wired LAN using Internet Connection Sharing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Tatiana 17:34 04 Sep 2006

Turned out to be a couple of very basic problems, but it didn't end there!

The desktop which was manually assigned an IP address, but wouldn't connect to the internet was solved by entering the router IP address as the DNS server - forgot to do that!

The laptop with internet access but would not appear on the LAN turned out to be a problem with it's own firewall (Zone Alarm). Doesn't matter how I configure Zone Alarm, the only way to get it to access the LAN is if I disable it completely. I'll have to rely on Windows Firewall and the one in the router.

Have encountered more problems with WPA encryption causing the connection to fail after about 60 seconds - eventually had to resort to using WEP encryption.

Also having problems with the laptop on boot-up. The wireless software hangs at every boot, although it does still operate. EZ Connect ? I don't think so SMC!

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