Problems with comodo.

  rizlo29 13:23 21 Feb 2010

I installed comodo last night all was going well until I logged on my PC this morning.

As soon as I logged on, I had the exclamation mark over my wireless network sybol in the task bar, so lost connectivity.

I checked all the tcp/ip setings and dhcp settings and it was all set up fine. Comodo must have been blocking the tcp/ip port or something even tho I never got a prompt, or at least I don't think I had a prompt that could affect wireless my network.

After about 10 minutes trying to rectify it in comodo's control panel, I decided to remove comodo.

Does anyone know what could have caused this? I'm going to install comodo again and want to avoid this happening again.

I am using windows xp media edition and the network is set up to obtain ip address and dns through dhcp client.

Also when I removed comodo, something popped up in the task bar (its gone now and cant quite remember what it said) but something along the lines of, windows error duplicate name on system?

  provider 2 14:04 21 Feb 2010

It`s unusual for Comodo to block something without letting you know all about it ... several times over, and also making a record of it in either the Firewall section or the Defense+ section of the program.

If you install it again and the same thing happens, I think you will need to go into these sections in some detail and see what`s causing the problem, though the double entry error may well have something to do with it.

  Graphicool1 14:51 21 Feb 2010

Go here and tell them the problem click here

  provider 2 16:46 21 Feb 2010

Oh dear ... I think you should have added, "You may be gone for some time ..." ;0)

  Graphicool1 10:07 22 Feb 2010

Well you would know? I on the other hand have not had any reason to find that out first hand! Not being a glutton for punishment. ¦¬)

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