problems with CD and DVD

  capnsofa 17:33 30 Aug 2008

I have written various files to CD's (CD+RW) but no longer want those files. If I try to delete them, I get a message to the effect that I cannot delete them, but can overwrite them. A friend tells me that he has removed such files in the past - but can't remember how he did it!!! Can you help me, please?
To compound my disk problems, I now find that when I load a blank disk, either CD or DVD, the details in 'My Computer' show that there is no space available - a fact born out by me being unable to write anything to the disk! Help again, please.
My operating system is Windows XP Home Edition.

  crosstrainer 17:43 30 Aug 2008

It seems from the information you give, that you may be a bit confused by the differnce in the various media you can write and overwrite.

Standard cd r's = Write once (and if free space still available add to)

cdrw = write, re-format, write again.

Many free programmes exist that may be of help, but I will post this one as it will work for XP and Vista:

click here

It's free, and the help file will explain in detail.

  uesquebeathus 12:49 01 Sep 2008

What software are you using for Writing to the DVD/Cd's, ?

  [email protected] 11:07 02 Sep 2008

Thanks for the replies.
I do appreciate the difference between CD-R and CD-RW, although don't follow the reference to re-format with the latter, as I thought these disks did not have to be re-formatted nowadays - so perhaps I'm not as knowledgeable as I thought!!
What I am trying to ascertain is whether disks can be wiped clean of all data etc, despite what has been said, but I feel that the answer is going to be 'No'!!
My main concern now is that whichever type of disk I insert now shows as being full and I cannot write to it.
The systems I have been using for copying/writing are either the straightforward "Copy to CD" already in the system or NTI CD & DVD Maker -Gold, which was pre-loaded when I purchased my computer.

  Grey Goo 14:11 02 Sep 2008

click here

click here

Could try these. Will not cause any harm if ineffectual.

  jack 15:44 02 Sep 2008

As is known these an be written to once- not editable.
But if there is an existing disk that is no longer needed- the residual space can be utilized and the now unwanted files deleted [actually masked]
So a 750 Mb disk say has 250 Mb used leaving 500 Mb available- That 250 Mb of files can be masked so that only the new upto 500Mb burn will be accessible. and if less than 500 mb used and that becomes unwanted it too can be masked[delete] to use up the residual space

  Pineman100 17:28 07 Sep 2008
  ChasNoel 16:51 09 Sep 2008

I have been trying to format some new discs I bought, but without success. I recently read a book on Windows XP and it says, "Put the disc in the drive, then go to My Computer, right click the E Drive and click on Format etc, etc." When I right click my E drive there no sign of Format. Any help would be appreciated

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