problems with cd copying

  mikeyboy32 13:08 12 Mar 2005

I've tried to make exact copies of a couple of music cds using sonic record now which i got with my new pc running windows xp.
But when i play them back both in my pc or any other cd player the music is on there but theres also an annoying crackling/cd skipping sound on them which makes the cds unlistenable.Is there any way i can get rid of this? is it a problem with my setting or the actual cdr's im using?
theres nu problem with the playback of cds or dvds on the cd drive in my pc by the way.

  panhandle 13:19 12 Mar 2005

I find Sonic the most non user-friendly software around.

Assuming you have 1 CD/DVD drive, use Media Player - just create a playlist [copying from the original CD] then use the "Burn" button...................should work OK.

If you have 2 drives then Media Player still does it for you.

  mikeyboy32 13:23 12 Mar 2005

Cheers for the info.this is the first time i've copied a cd so i just used the 1st thing i came across on my hard drive.i.e. sonic.
will give media player a go now and see what happens.Would it affect the sound of the copied cd's that much just by using media player as oppossed to sonic?

  JACC 15:21 12 Mar 2005

If your copying disc 2 disc burn them at a slower speed , i had a similar problem and tried this and it worked fine. Got a reply to my prob from pca and a s usual it worked .Good luck .

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