Problems with a card reader when the computer boot

  Mat2 12:08 17 Jul 2003

Hi Folks

I hvae a problem with a card reader, when the computer restarts or boots up with it goes through the boot drive sequence when it reaches the ide HDD it freezes, but when the card reader is not plugged in the computer boots normal straight in the OS. The computer Spec is: ASrock K7MV2 motherboard, AMD Duron 1300, 512mb Mem, CDrom & Rewriter, 20gb Maxtor HDD and Windows ME.

Any Help would be grately appriciated.


  graham√ 12:31 17 Jul 2003

Is the card reader connected via USB? Maybe the power available to the USB is being exceeded, or even the PSU itself is stretched. If you have other devices connected to a USB, printer, mouse, etc., try unplugging one or more of them instead.

  Mat2 12:37 17 Jul 2003

Hi Graham

The card reader is connected by the USB. Thanks for your suggest i will try that to see if the problem goes away and i'll let you know.


  Mat2 13:42 17 Jul 2003

HI Graham

Thanks for your help your suggestion did the trick now the computer will boot with the card reader connected.

Thanks Again


  graham√ 13:51 17 Jul 2003

Glad you're sorted. A powered USB hub may be a long term solution.

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