Problems capturing/exporting dv avi

  [DELETED] 00:19 28 Jul 2003

hi folks,

I'm having problems capturing video and exporting video as dv avi to/from a panasonic digital camcorder via firewire to my pc (pentium 2.5, 1gb ram, ati radeon 7500). With both Windows movie maker 2 and U-Lead Video studio 5 the captured video in avi format is jerky and sound stuttered. When I try to export back to dv tape on camcorder having edited with transitions and titles I get no sound and picture that cuts to black screen on and off? If I capture and edit in Movie Maker 2 as a wmv file the results are very good but obviously can't export that format back to dv tape.

Any ideas?


  [DELETED] 10:24 28 Jul 2003

Could be number of reasons:

Ensure DMA enabled (usually is on xp)on hd's

Are you editing on 2nd hd, with main prog on 'c'?

All drivers updated, even graphics/sound?

DirectX v9?

If it's none of those run defrag and scandisk.

  [DELETED] 12:15 28 Jul 2003

Just adding to my postings for future reference and bumping up the page for any other contributions.

  [DELETED] 12:49 28 Jul 2003

I have the same problem with a much lower specced PC than yours (Athlon 600Mhz) -- the transfer from Panasonic NVDS-15B to my PC was okay using Pinnacle Studio DV (though it jumps a bit when I playback on my PC due, presumably, to shortage of processing power). But sending edited .avi back to the camera was impossible, with exactly the same results you're reporting.

Suggestions on this forum were mainly to shut down all background programs, and that did get me as far as being able to record a 20-second clip (I think) onto the camera -- but longer ones and transitions always failed.

I circumvented the problem by buying a DVD burner and burning the edited movies, instead of trying to put them back onto DV tape. Recording them to MPEG2 takes hours, but the finished quality is, so far as my eyes can tell, as original.

Incidentally, blank DVD-Rs are much cheaper than blank DV tapes, so you'll save money in the end.

  [DELETED] 13:54 28 Jul 2003

I had the same problem a while back (couldn't get the video back onto DV tape and also the effects wouldn't play and I kept getting a blank screen) and I found it to be a codec that was causing the problem.

I removed all of the codecs from my machine. I then removed the video editing software and re-installed it, and then re-installed the essential codecs one by one.

I found that a codec called Angelfire (or something like that) was to blame.



  [DELETED] 11:00 30 Jul 2003

Thanks for the advice.
I solved the problem by updating all graphics card and soundcard drivers. Shutting down all non essential apps and services and installing a new video package - pinnacle studio 8.

I want to ensure dma is enabled. How do I do this in XP?


  [DELETED] 12:32 30 Jul 2003

If it's similar to w2k; device manager/IDEATA/ATAPI

  [DELETED] 12:36 30 Jul 2003

... oops...

...controlers and r-click each 1, properties/ advanced settings 'dma if available'.

It's usually enabled by default in xp. Some older bios's req dma enabling too.

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