Problems burning voice files

  [DELETED] 07:54 01 Mar 2006

I am a French and Spanish teacher and I am trying to make CDRoms of pupils' GCSE speaking scripts. I record the scripts with Polderbits Sound Recorder software and then try to burn them with Nero 6. I use Nero 6 a lot and it is usually very relaiable. I keep getting an error message "Internal target failure" and Nero aborts the burn. Has anyone any idea what the problem is? Couls I use any other software to burn the files?


  [DELETED] 12:39 01 Mar 2006

No personal experience of Nero, but if you put "nero" and "Internal target failure" into Google you'll come up with some discussions on the problem. Solutions seem to range from more memory needed in the PC to different make of CD being used in the burner.

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