Problems with burning dvd's

  [DELETED] 18:50 26 Feb 2006

Hi ya all, I'm having problems burning my dvd's, when the encoding has finish it used to go straight through to my nero, but now it finishes with the message "error did not burn" and then it says it has saved the copy to my hard drive, so I look for the dvd that i've analysed and encoded and all i find is a load of files Vobs,IFO files and BUP files sitting in my received files, their not even under the films name, just spread all over the place. This never used to happen, the film would normally go straight to nero and burn from there, Can anyone enlighten me to what has gone wrong

  [DELETED] 19:06 26 Feb 2006

If its an original film, subject to copyright I mean, it could be a new form of copy protection. If this is not the case and its your own videos you are trying to burn and it worked before, the only suggestions I can offer are, try it again as perhaps it was corrupted when you created it and if that fails reinstall the programs you have used to do this in the past as it possible one of them has become corrupted. The other thing is you haven't changed the make of didk you are using have you? Some burners are very touchy about makes of disks.

  [DELETED] 19:07 26 Feb 2006

Soory about the spelling didk = disk of course.

  [DELETED] 19:07 26 Feb 2006

I give up I can't even spell sorry. Sorry.

  [DELETED] 19:18 26 Feb 2006

Thank you Totally-braindead, i havent changed the brand of disks, i think i'll do what u suggested, i'll uninstall my Nero, and then reinstall it again , see if that makes any difference. but i've purchased dvdregioncss and i used shrinkdvd, and they have always worked in the past, it just seems to be once the encoding has finished, it doesnt automatically go into Nero and then burn the disk, it stops and just says it has been put into my docs or received files, and i've tried to manually add them to be burn't but i dont know what order they are meant to be in. So i've had enough for one day, its given me a big headache. Thank for your help . All the best Sheps

  [DELETED] 19:59 26 Feb 2006

Dont forget to update nero to the latest version ;-)

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