problems with burning cd's

  craig 42 06:05 28 Sep 2005

i keep geting messege error, power calibration error. when i burn cd to cd, im useing nero softwere any idea's as to why? ive checked neros helpline it says upgrade firmwere but i cannot find out where to do it.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:23 28 Sep 2005

CD Burner Help - Power Calibration Error.... - GIDForums
"could be one of these faults..

1.Power Calibration Error is because you burner lens is not clean or you use a bad quality blaco cd so try clean your lens with an air cleaner or buy better cds.

2.try using a dfrnt software besides Nero

Hope that helps"
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  Diodorus Siculus 07:23 28 Sep 2005

Power Calibration Errors
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  MAJ 07:24 28 Sep 2005

It could be caused by the media you are using, craig 42, try a different make of disk, or try cleaning the drives with a lens cleaner, or if it's only happening when you are burning CD to CD (on the fly) then maybe your power supply isn't strong enough to run both drives at the same time while they are both working. What is the rating (in Watts) of your computer's power supply?

  pj123 10:42 28 Sep 2005

If you have a version 6 of nero you can update it to the latest from:

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You will need to download at least Package 1 and Package 2. Be aware they are around 35mb each though so a dialup connection will take ages.

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